Star Wars: we admire the helmet to the bike inspired by K-2SO

Published on May 11, 2017

A video shows us the construction of a helmet to the bike, and skate shoes inspired by the droid K-2SO Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Beardless Man (the man without a beard) is a hairless youtuber and dad of two kids, who likes to build gadgets and custom objects, theme Star Wars, much to the delight of his little brats.

This time, on the occasion of Star Wars Day last week, the brilliant dad, nerd, driven by his fatherly sense of protection, as well as from an unbridled passion for everything related to the sci-fi saga created by George Lucas exactly 40 years ago, has decided to make a helmet to a bike for your child, inspired by the droid K-2SO seen in the Rogue One (here you can read our review).

The following video shows the complete tutorial on the construction of the original protective helmet that mimics the head of the droid, with eyes that light up thanks to leds.

On the YouTube channel of this nice and caring dad, nerd, you can see other tutorials of its achievements.

I recommend, when you go to a bike, helmet, K-2SO well connected in the head, the eye Led bright day, and the prudence that always!

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