Star Wars VIII: the Last of The Jedi – here are all the new sets Lego, including the Millennium Falcon, the largest set Lego ever


Published on Sep 02, 2017


Lego has revealed all his sets of Star Wars VIII: the Last of The Jedi, which include the new vehicles in the world of Star Wars, as well as the mini figures that represent the characters of the film, and the set of the Millennium Falcon, the largest ever created in the history of Lego.

ATTENTION: some of the descriptions may contain small spoilers about Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi.

The new sets include the new ships of the Resistance, the new walker of the First Order, and new versions of some ships, including the terrible Star Destroyer of the Supreme Leader Snoke. There are also a Praetorian Guard of the Elite and of the mini figures that represent the engineer of the Resistance Rose and the new droid BB-9E. You can see these new sets in the gallery of images below:

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Lego has also shown the set of the fighter the star TIE of Kylo Ren: this set includes a new variant of the TIE and the mini figures, Kylo Ren, BB-9E and of the pilot Storm Trooper TIE of the First Order:

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The revelation is more important, however, was that relative to the set of the legendary Millennium Falcon: this is the set Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon. And it is the largest ever made ever by the company.

This huge set will be composed of well-7.541 pieces, and this makes it the largest of more than 1,600 pieces than the previous Lego model the larger the Taj Mahal.

The set includes 7 mini figures, including 4 classic, or Han solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and C-3PO, along with 3 new figures, directly from Star Wars VII: The Awakening of the Force and the upcoming film Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi: this is Ray, Finn and the older version of Han solo. In the set will also be including BB-8, and 2 Porg and a Mynorck to mount.

The ship will also be equipped with the panels of the hull, removable drives, a boat ramp that can be lowered, cannon blaster hidden, a cockpit that can accommodate up to 4 mini figures, and in which the dome is removable, antennas interchangeable circular or rectangular, cannons, quad laser, upper, lower, and 7 supports for the landing.

The set dedicated to the Millennium Falcon, the largest ever made in the history of Lego, was also presented with a video, which can be found here:

Below, instead, here's a gallery with some images about the new, huge Millennium Falcon for the Lego:

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This amazing set Lego is about 20,32 cm wide, 55.88 cm and is along the well-83,82 cm. Lego has announced that it will be available for purchase starting from next October 1 directly on the official website of Lego for the price of 799,99$.

Star Wars VIII: the Last of The Jedi will be screened in Italian cinemas from next December 13.

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Star Wars VIII: the Last of The Jedi – here are all the new sets Lego, including the Millennium Falcon, the biggest set Lego ever made is of




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