Star Wars: the strange case of the hand of Luke Skywalker

Published on Dec 08, 2017

When in the movie theaters came to Star Wars: awakening of the Force, one of the most exciting moments was to be able to soon see the laser sword of Luke Skywalker in the cellars of the tavern Maz Kanata.

The pathos, Rey who feel the call of the Force, Maz that invites you to take it... in short, the chills in the back, but, because there is always a but, we are honest.

That sword, before getting lost, it was held firmly by a certain hand, that in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back was a bad end during the battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

The duel has become a symbol of the saga, perhaps the exchange of jokes and the most famous of the whole epic of Star Wars; on that occasion, Luke loses his hand and lightsaber of his father Anakin, who end up in a shaft of the suspended city.

This laser sword appears mysteriously in the seventh episode, in an extremely random and almost trivial, without any apparent explanation.

Waiting for this amazing apparition is explained and detailed, maybe just in Star Wars: The last Jedi, a first hypothesis was pulled out by a young artist, Fred Palacio, who, by participating in an artistic competition organised by Industrial Light & Magic has accepted the challenge of trying to imagine and interpret the key moments of the Star Wars saga.

The idea of Fred Palacio is so loved that it won the third place in this competition. Palacio has chosen to begin to represent their history right from the time of the cutting of the hand of Luke.

It should be noted that, as follows, has significance within the Legends of Star Wars, since the references to which Palacio was inspired by the most are the events post-Episode VI and, in particular, to the Trilogy of Thrawn (heir to the Empire, a Challenge to the New Republic and The last mission) written by Timothy Zahn. To tell the best of this interesting hypothesis, we'll help you with the concept art created by Palacio.

In this first image, a bounty hunter, has recovered the hand of Luke Skywalker, and he gives it to the Emperor, handing him the container in which it is preserved the “relic”, under the watchful gaze of the Imperial Guard.

Saw that the bounty hunter has recovered the hand, we can also suppose that he recovered the sword and laser!

The same Imperial Guard reappears, armed with a sword, laser red, in the act of seizing the container with the hand of Luke. The theory that seems to guide us this image is that the Guard is actually a Jedi to the Dark ally of Joruus There Baoth, the insane clone of a Jedi master who, in the trilogy of Thrawn, clonò Luke Skywalker.

In the saga the work of Timothy Zahn, There Baoth clonò Luke using genetic material taken right from the hand severed on Bespin, to give life to Luke, a clone of Skywalker (in the Legends, the clones are distinguished by their original genetic for the addition of a vowel in their name).

Always within the Trilogy of Thrawn, Luke came into possession of the lost sword by Luke in the battle with Darth Vader. Only during a confrontation between Luke and his double, also a portrait of Fred Palacio, the Skywalker original enter again into possession of the sword of the father.

In a last table of the Palacio, we see Luke look a clone inside of a cylinder spaarti, always refer to a short story of Zhan of 2012, An apology, in which we follow the narrative of the Trilogy, Thrawn is seen from the point of view of a clone.

Aside from the safe emotional impact that the version of Palacio raises, amplified by the splendour of their tables in support of the hypothesis, we must also recognize that his idea is not applicable to the Canon, with the result of the return to the starting point: how did the laser sword of the family Skywalker to arrive in the cellars of Maz Kanata?

This mystery could be solved only within one of the future Star Wars films!

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