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Published on Dec 07, 2019


After you have ended with the previous volume in the series, signed by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca – our review HERE – Mondadori Oscar Ink opens with this third volume in The Saga of Darth Vader, the second series dedicated to the major villain of Star Wars signed by Charles Soule (Daredevil, Swamp Thing) and drawn by Italian Giuseppe Camuncoli (Spider-man, Batman).

This is not a continuation of the previous series – remember that it was set between Episode IV and Episodes V – but we have to make a leap between Episode III and Episode IV, at the time when Palpatine saved Anakin Skywalker from the crushing defeat on Mustafar at the hands of Obi Wan Kenobi, turning him into Darth Vader, or by integrating the remains of his body carbonized of the mechanical parts.

The transition of Anakin to the Dark Side is now effective but the training of the Sith is not yet complete. His first mission will be and then obtain a new lightsaber, a Sith, or red in color.

To do so, Palpatine directs his pupil in search of a Jedi surviving with which to contend thus appropriating of the crystal kyber of his sword and sending it so all his suffering by making him change color.

Vader will go in the Edge, Intermediate, on the Moon River of Al doleem on the trail of the Jedi Infil'to.

To overcome this first trial of the “plague of the Jedi” – as defined by the Emperor himself – is far from being extinguished in the Shadows of the Order 66, Vader is put at the head of the Inquisitorial composed of a group of Jedi gone to the Dark Side. Methods Vader are anything but moderate and while discontent grew among their subordinates and, more generally, between the imperial troops that do not see of good eye the figure, the Teacher of the Jedi, the head archivist, tries to infiltrate on Coruscant to fulfill a desperate mission.

While not representing the natural continuation of the previous series, this second series dedicated to Darth Vader, which are collected on the first 12 numbers of the original in this The Saga of Darth Vader, Volume 3, does not differ very much for the themes and setting from the previous.

Charles Soule imbastisce two narrative arcs that take advantage of surely very well the different temporal location in the series by offering a Vader much more impetuous and brutal in the background of Order 66, one of the cornerstones of the mythology of the saga.

The writer, however, fails at times to sink really the coup: the best insights – the nature of the sword of Vader before, and the special mission on Coruscant, then – in fact they are not developed properly and is lost often in sequences of redundant and/or dialogue excessively lengthy and, above all, a bit vacuous.

The whole then weighs on the shoulders of the great Giuseppe Camuncoli, who, with his distinctive trait edgy enhances the screenplay Soule is often not incisive. It must be said that the great merit of the designer, emiliano, than on the previous series by her colleagues decided to use an approach that is both aesthetic, in the limits of the possible, of course, is for the “director” – and then for the construction of the table especially for the action sequences and combat, this is definitely more comic away from the influences of film more evident. Everything is so extremely smooth, but also the most rewarding: we are reading a comic not the frames of a movie.

As always, very elegant volume with hard cover and dust jacket packaged by Mondadori Oscar Ink, to report some step too woody in the process of translation.

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