Star Wars: The Old Republic – The TV series on Netflix maybe it will make due to the fans? [Rumors]

Published on Mar 08, 2017

The mobilization may have convinced Disney and Netflix to produce TV series

Time ago we told you about a petition, landed on with the intent to convince Disney to produce, in collaboration with Netflix, a television series on The Star Wars: The Old Republic, directly inspired by the eponymous video game that, in large part, it's set about 3000 years before the Star Wars films.

When we wrote our article, the petition had already been signed by over 60,000 fans, but the tam tam media, which is triggered through the network, it may have paid off, with the petition that managed to collect more than 200,000 signatures.

The voice of the fans would not be lost in the void of the ether, so much so that Disney, itself, it would be prudent of the initiative, putting in the first negotiations with Netflix for the production of this new stellar series TV.

Even if it is rumor, the classic voices of the corridor in short, the news would come directly from the Ted Sarandos (ceo of Netflix), which was confirmed to be considering seriously the thing, taking into account the one that is producing the franchise in the last few years, and if it can give meaning and space to a TV series about The Old Republic.

A small clue in this direction, almost a mini-spoiler, it seems to come from the animated series Disney Star Wars: Rebels which would contain the Battle of Mandalorne, one of the key events of The Old Republic. That this has really something to do with the rumoreggiata TV series?

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Source: moviecreedlive

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