Star Wars: The last Jedi has made canon Darth Revan?

Published on Dec 16, 2017

Anyone who has a knowledge of the Old Republic Star Wars knows who is Darth Revan, and how much of it was incredibly fascinating as a character. Well, watching the last of The Jedi came to suspect that Darth Revan may have been inserted in the Canon!

The key word is ‘may‘, since a large part of the film by Rian Johson is focused on the return of the jedi, Luke Skywalker. Without spoil anything to those who have not seen the new chapter of Star Wars, I will just say that Luke has spent years doing research on the ancient Jedi, before his retirement on Ach-to. Apparently, this path of research has also led to the figure of Darth Revan, the great Jedi knight who fell to the Dark Side.

During the story of Star Wars: The last Jedi, Luke speaks of his new vision of the Jedi, explaining to Rey as he studied their history, after the fall of the Ben Only. In addition to finding the Ach-To, the place where was founded the first temple of the Jedi, Luke is guaranteed to find texts on the history of the order. And not only that!

Take heed inside the house, Luke. You can see a pendant of leather hand-made, which is tied to a curious object. It is a red crystal, usually used for the lightsabers the sith, mounted in a bezel of metal, like a trophy.

Has anyone thought of the crystal of the sword of Darth Vader, but according to Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The visual dictionary, this gem would be “a crystal fragmented of a lightsaber the Sith“, but not belonged to the family of Skywalker. It would instead be a “a pendant of a Jedi Crusader“. And this tip in a precise direction of the Canon of Star Wars!

The term Jedi Crusader is familiar for anyone who has played Knights of the Old Republic or the mmorpg Star Wars: The Old Republic. About 5,000 years before A new hope, the Mandalorinani became a galactic threat, under the leadership of Mandalore, a charismatic leader. Conquering worlds on worlds, in honour of the creed mandaloriano and Crusaders, Mandoloriani, these Neo - Crusaders were exactly the kind of threat that the Jedi... well, ignore it. All except one: a young Jedi who became the spokesman of the armed resistance and reconquest of the lost worlds from the Republic.

Became known as Revan and his followers Revanchists. For the masses of the population, given the fervor against Mandalore, Revan became the Crusader of the Jedi. A Jedi Crusader. This story is one of the most popular of the Expanded Universe of Star Wars. Told in video games, comics, and novels, the life of Revan and his impact on the galassa have been relegated, however, to the Legends. At least, until Luke has not dug in the remote history of the Jedi... finding a trinket that leads directly to Revan!

As painful as it was understandable that the Expanded Universe of Star Wars be put aside to allow writers to create new stories. But at the same time, could not spend a lot of time before Star Wars fans were the references and the inspirations that have come from this giant archive of stories. With the expansion of the Canon, the authors have started fishing more and more in the Legends of the Expanded Universe.

Recently, it has been confirmed in Star Wars: Rebels that the Mandalorian Wars are an integral part of the history of the Jedi, the same conflict in which it was born the legend of Revan! But have never been given further explanations, only that in the end won with the Jedi.

This seems to change with Star Wars: The last Jedi, and it makes sense, given the history of the film. Given the difficult relationship of Revan with the two sides of Strength, the study of its history becomes essential for Luke. In view of the experience with the father and the corruption of the Well Only, the figure of Darth Revan is critical to understand these dynamics.

So, how much weight they can give the fans this little reference to the Jedi Crusader, Revan? Although Johnson has clarified that his trilogy in the future will not take place in the Old Republic, for sure we can now appreciate this reference, and not to lose hope in a renewed interest in Darth Revan!

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