Star Wars: the comics reveal the origin (new) the lightsaber of Darth Vader!

Published on Mar 05, 2018

Star Wars would not be Star Wars without the lightsabers and the fighting with these weapons, so much so that one of the criticisms levelled at The Last Jedi, since its debut in theaters, has been the absence of a true fight to the blows of the lightsaber and the sad (almost blasphemous) “treatment” intended for the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker.

Right about him then he became the Dark lord of the Sith, if you think you know everything about the lightsaber of Darth Vader, then you have to resign yourself, because the new comic series dedicated to the character most iconic of the saga, he told another truth, a new origin of the iconic weapon.

The obtainment of the sword laser is a crucial step in the journey to become a Jedi or a Sith, and, on the basis of what is narrated in the new comic book canon, Vader's got his lightsaber in a way that is somewhat “trivial” and anything but legendary.

Set immediately after the events of Star Wars: revenge of The Sith, the new run of the Darth Vader of the Marvel (written by Charles Soule, drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Daniel Orlandini and David Curiel) discussed the early days of the new identity of Anakin Skywalker.

Vader is hunting down the last Jedi, and, on the orders of emperor Palpatine, he got his lightsaber from a Kirak Infil-a, a Jedi who escaped the purge.

Subsequently, he was to become the red blade following the teachings of Darth Sidious:

The crystal of the sword of any Jedi will be fine. As you know, the crystals Kyber are alive, in a sense.

Through the Dark Side, you have to pour your pain into the crystal until the agony becomes becomes larger than you can bear, a beautiful color of crimson, The color of your anger!

This lightsaber was destroyed in the course of a confrontation that Vader has had with the bounty hunters who have taken his life (Darth Vader #11).

The red crystal was recovered, but the hilt of the sword just obtained is irretrievably destroyed.

So, in Darth Vader #12 the dark lord of the Sith, during the trip back to Coruscant in an attempt to hunt down the assassins and their instigators, is built diligently on a new elsa, the playback of the lightsaber wielding when he was still Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, he took with him after the fight returned to london on Mustafar.

What do you think of this new course is reserved for one of the objects of the most iconic of the Star Wars saga? Please let us know with a comment below!

Source: Gizmodo

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