Star Wars: Ryan Johson speaks of future plans

Published on Dec 06, 2017

When it was announced that Ryan Johnson will be behind the lens to direct the trilogy, which will expand the myth of Star Wars after Episode IX, a large chunk of fans started to hope to see the director make a trilogy dedicated to the Old Republic.

The setting became famous thanks to a cycle of comics, the Old Republic has gained more visibility thanks to the rpg Knights of the Old Republic and mmorpg The Old Republic of BioWare.

Aware of how the fans were hoping to see in this intriguing setting in a trilogy of Star Wars, Ryan Johnson, in an interview with Mashable, however, has clarified his position

“Oh, everyone loves Knights of the Old Republic! I played the game when it came out, heck, I have them worshiped. Yes, they were awesome games. And I understand that, that instinct to go automatically in the direction of something you know and love, that you've already seen. For me, what is really fun is the possibility of what we could see again, what new stories can we tell? According to me, the ability to tell a new story in three movies, go anywhere, do anything in the Star Wars universe is so exciting! They are still in an early phase of programming, I'm still thinking of what to tell, at the moment I don't know. I'm trying to figure out what it will be”

As much as it may disappoint some fans of Star Wars, the declaration of Ryan Johnston is not so surprising. Since the first announcement of the new trilogy entrusted to the director of Star Wars:The last Jedi, it was clarified that the new cycle would be pushed on the streets ever beats before showing new aspects of the Star Wars universe. Furthermore, EA and BioWare are still creating ultereriori content for their MMORPG The Old Republic, creating its own continuity. Give life to a narrative canon of this remote historical period of Star Wars while the game continues to receive updates, it would create a lot of confusion.

In fact, it would be preferable that Star Wars is pushed in new directions, rather than return to an era so far away and of which we already know several items. The desire for new ideas and stories, manifested by the Johnson seems to be a move in this direction, but we'll see how it will take form. For now, we can evaluate the director's job on Star Wars: The last Jedi, which will arrive in Italian cinemas on 13th December.

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