Star Wars Rogue One: we Discover K-2SO, the droid that will take the place of C-3PO

Published on Jul 16, 2016

Incoming new details on K-2SO, the new inevitable droid Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Thanks to the Star Wars Celebration that is taking place in London in these hours, we are able to find out some more information on the character is voiced and played by Alan Tudyk in Star Wars Rogue One. The new droid, whose name will be K-2SO, will inherit, with all probability, the role that had C-3PO in the original saga, as the shoulder from the whimsical character to a main character.

The actor Diego Luna, who in Rogue One will play the rebel fighter Cassian Andor, revealed during the panel, held yesterday, some more information on the droid. Here is what was said:

One of the most important members of the team is a droid, a droid Imperial that has been reprogrammed by the Rebels. His name is K-2SO. This is probably the best friend that Cassian has in the Rebellion, and perhaps the only one.

During the presentation, intervened also on this topic Tudyk, who will play the role of the droid with the usual suit for motion capture that much we have learned about in the last few years. The actor explained that the droid, in the film more than two meters high, because of the reprogramming carried out by the rebels will be incredibly honest and cheeky.

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