Star Wars: revealed the new creative team?


Published on Apr 09, 2019


The writer has revealed, however, that his time on the saga would be finished this year, but Marvel has yet to release who will take his place. But a reservation on Amazon for the twelfth volume of the Star Wars series, which will be released on November 19, has revealed not only the potential new creative team of Greg Pak and Phil Noto, but also a description of the upcoming events that await us.

The description of the narrative arc reads as follows:

“Darth Vader is hunting Luke Skywalker! Thousands of probes are sent in the most remote areas of space in search of the Rebel Alliance, but the rebels do missions desperate and heroic to bring them out of the way. Chewie and C-3PO attract a drone on a planet with an unstable nucleus, but they learn of a civilization droid secret. The Star Destroyer and Darth Vader are approaching, and they must now protect these new droids. Luke Skywalker embarks on a mission to guide a drone away from a filling station of the rebels, but runs into the Bendu: with Luke who is training to become a Jedi Bendu will be a valid teacher or a businessman? Then, Han solo and Princess Leia are planning to use a drone to take down a boss of the local crime, but things get complicated when they fall in the former of Leia! What could possibly go wrong?!”

Given that Darth Vader has been absent from the series in the last few arcs, this plot will appeal to fans of the Lord of the Sith.

At the Star Wars Celebration this week, Marvel Comics will host a panel on the future of the franchise, which could see the confirmation of the above information. Stay tuned for the details.

Star Wars: revealed the new creative team? is




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