Star Wars: revealed the face of General Grievous


Published on Mar 31, 2019


General Grievous was immediately one of the most memorable villains of the saga. Now that his true face was revealed under his famous mask, however, fans may want to forget that...

The commander of the great army of droids of Count Dooku blurs the line between organic and robotic, making it difficult to tell where it ends, parts and upgrades robot and where the living being who was once the Jedi has actually started. But no part of the body than of the face can give the idea of this.

The mystery surrounding the alien race whose General Grievous, originally belonged, and what might still look like it was briefly touched on in the series The Clone Wars. According to the cannon-official Star Wars, Grievous is (or) was a member of the Kaleesh, a race of reptile humanoids on the planet Insult, with two yellow eyes with the pupils slit, even if all their physical traits remembered the bats; the Droid, walking on the toes, and were noted for their lack of mercy.


In the new story titled “Burn (Burn)” by Jody Houser, Luke Ross, and Java Tartaglia, General Grievous, an ambush on a Jedi Master and the Padawan who came on the planet Ledeve in search of a mysterious temple of the Force. Thinking that a temple can be an even better way to humiliate the Jedi that he, the Jedi is looking for him. When he sees the statues of Jedi Masters through the halls, destroys them – but not before noting that he also has statues of a size and quality similar to the house (and that you are seen in the episode Lair of Grievous from the first season of the series the Clone Wars); statues that confirm that the appearance of the warrior with the scimitar is really him, before his power-ups and robotic. The fans, who would prefer to remember the picture of General Grievous as a group of organs and a head that move a massive body droid, you can stop reading here, or turn the page.
In fact, there really was no way that the face of Grievous would be the height of the mask has actually chosen. But this comic does not aim to grow the legend of the Jedi, or turn it into an anti-hero as Darth Vader. The objective is to make known to fans of the Jedi a be angry, jealous, intensely insecure, suffering and need to prove themselves.

Then when you arrive at the anomaly of the Strength in the heart of the temple decides that it is not up to him, and jumps inside. Entering into the realm of the Force, the Jedi finds himself completely helpless for the first time and such is the power of the Force that directly penetrates into the heart of man, Grievous was. From the moment that the Force can see beyond all his artificial joints and the threats that it launches at his enemies, the Jedi is immediately transformed in practically a toy in the hands of the Force. In the following, the Force reverts to its original body (or really, or only in his mind, and Grievous back in his armor, traditional, no droids, and clothes. Not to mention the removal of his mask, showing the face they belong to his eyes from the reptile, known to be cut. Take a look for yourself and end the mystery once and for all:

Certainly, the true face of General Grievous, is infinitely less intimidating than most fans had expected... maybe it's actually a compliment to say that the reputation of the Jedi is greatly helped by his mechanic body and his mask... in short, the general has seen along.

Regardless of what the fans might actually feel about it, the canon of Star Wars has an official image of Grievous in and out of his mask. Star Wars: Age of the Republic, General Grievous is now available online for Marvel Comics.

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