Star Wars – Marvel: Age of Resistance and the new comic


Published on Apr 14, 2019


According to what was reported in Chicago, it is the stories one-shot output from July, that will be written by Tom Taylor and will as main characters Finn, Rey, Poe, Captain Phasma, and the General Hux. The number in the one-shot is dedicated to Finn will be drawn by Ramon Rosanas, and will be set shortly before the events of " The awakening of the Force. The register will show the life of Finn in the First Order, and as will begin to put it into discussion.

The story of Rey, designed as always by Rosanas, will be set shortly before the meeting of Chewbacca, R2-D2 and Rey with Luke Skywalker on Ach-To. Unfortunately were not disclosed more details, if you do not exit in September.

The register one-shot featuring the character Captain Phasma will also be set before the awakening of The Force, at the beginning of his career. Marvel has promised that we will see a Phasma as his fans want it.

Also Poe Dameron will have a number in the one-shot, where he meets a “mentor unexpected” of his past. Also the General Hux is going to come under the spotlight, but were not revealed concrete details for now.

Marvel will also publish a Age of Resistance Special. The main story will feature the admiral Holdo and how he became a military strategist so skilled and great experience.

Tom Tyler is going to write on Maz Katana, while Chris Eliopoulos on BB-8. All the covers for these stories will be drawn by Phil Noto.

Marvel has also announced a new miniseries in six numbers, Target Vader, in which Beilert Valance (or Valance the Hunter, as it is also known) sits at the head of some bounty hunters to track down Darth Vader. The story is written by Robbie Thompson, while the designs of Marc Laming. Valance is a historical character of the Marvel comic book dedicated to Star Wars, which in the past he also saved Luke.

Marvel has confirmed that Greg Pak will become the writer of the main series Star Wars from #68, as already anticipatovi.

The #68 will be released in July.

Star Wars – Marvel: Age of Resistance and the new comic is




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