Star Wars: Lucasfilm reveals new timeline saga official


Published on Aug 25, 2019


Yesterday at the conference at D23, Disney has unveiled the new timeline-the official films and TV series of Star Wars. The timeline now splits the entire saga of Star Wars in three eras, whose names will be familiar to anyone who has followed the latest publications of the comics of Star Wars, Marvel.

These three ages are the Age of the Republic, Age of Rebellion and Age of Resistance. As you can imagine the name you attach in reality to the various trilogies film that took place during that time.

Here is the timeline that was shown during the panel:

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The Age of the Republic is the era of the prequel trilogy – Episode I: The phantom menace, Episode II: attack of The clones and Episode III: revenge of The Sith – with the fall of the Galactic Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. The animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars takes place during this era, bridging the gap between the second and third films.

The Age of Rebellion is the era of the original trilogy of Star Wars – Star Wars, The Empire strikes back and return of The Jedi – which tells the story of the struggle of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. Only: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars Rebels and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story part of this was, bridging the gap between this era and the Age of the Republic and shedding light on how you came up with the Rebel Alliance.

The Age of Resistance is the age of the trilogy-sequel – Star Wars: the awakening of The Force, Star Wars: The last Jedi, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – which tells the story of the Resistance and of the battles of the First Order after the fall of the Empire. This was also includes the animated series Star Wars: Resistance, and the history of the theme park Star Wars: Galaxy.

The next series, a live-action Star Wars: The Mandalorian will take place during the Age of Resistance, bridging the gap between the classic trilogy and the sequel. The series of Obi-Wan Kenobi will take place in the same era (Rebellion) - Only and Star Wars, after the end of the Age of the Republic and before the events of the original Star Wars. The next prequel television the Rogue One will be another addition to the Age of Rebellion.

Star Wars: Lucasfilm reveals the new timeline, the official of the saga is




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