Star Wars Land: the theme park will be opened in 2019

Published on Feb 09, 2017

New Disney parks to open their doors in the same year of release of Episode IX

The new theme parks Star Wars Land have a window of time of the official opening. The CEO of Disney Bob Iger has confirmed that the new thematic areas dedicated to Star Wars will be inaugurated in 2019, the year of release of Episode IX. These two parks, which are located respectively at Disneyland, California and Disney's Hollywood Studios, Florida.

An immense space of the cinema, it was rebuilt in the measure of a man. It will be possible to meet aliens and droids interactive, and be overwhelmed by the vastness of a Millennium Falcon-sized. The attraction will appear as a true set of Star Wars, with buildings from the appearance of the alien. Scott Trowbridge, Imagineering executive of the parks, said about it:

Our intent is to make you feel as if I had just entered one of the movies. Revive Star Wars in the physical world gives us the opportunity to do a lot of things that we never done before, to involve all the senses.

A truly unique experience for every true fan of the Star Wars saga. Would you like to visit the new parks? Please let us know with a comment below!

Source: Comicbook

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