Star Wars Catalyst: The synopsis reveals the backstory of the characters of Rogue One

Published on Sep 02, 2016

Thanks to the spread of the synopsis of Star Wars Catalyst, the novel prequel to the Rogue One, you will discover new details on the characters of the film.

Thanks to the official synopsis of Star Wars Catalyst, the new novel by James Luceno, which will be the prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we can discover new details about Director Orson Krennic (the character played in the film by Ben Mendelsohn); and on Galen second stages.

Krennic turns out to be, in fact, an old friend of Galen as a Consequence, the father of the protagonist of Rogue One Jyn as a Consequence.

Galen was forced to work in the projects of the Black Death, because in debt with Krennic; confirming so apparently the rumor that they wanted the father of Jyn being the creator of the Super Laser of the Death star.

Here's the official synopsis of Star Wars Catalyst, translated into Italian:

The war is tearing apart the galaxy. For years, the Republic and the Separatists have fought among the stars, building from time to time weapons ever more deadly to win the war. As a secret member of the project Black Death of Chancellor Palpatine, Orson Krennic is determined to develop a super-weapon before they do the enemies. And an old friend of Krennic, Galen, as a Consequence, could be the key.

The research of Galen have attracted the attention of both Krennic that of his enemies, and making the scientist a key player in the war. Galen found himself in debt with Krennic, in the moment in which it is saved – along with his wife Lyra, and daughter Jyn – a kidnapping at the hands of the Separatists. Krennic offers to Galen, a wonderful opportunity to continue his search with every available resource. Galen and Lyra believe that their findings will be used for good but Krennic has in mind to use for the project the Black Death. Trapped in the clutches of their benefactor, the members of the family as a Consequence will have to extricate themselves from the deceptions of Krennic to save not only themselves but the entire galaxy.

Star Wars Catalyst will be released on the 17th of November 2016.

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