Star Wars: blu-ray de the last of The Jedi will be packed full of new scenes!

Published on Dec 05, 2017

With the Justice League now behind us, Star Wars: The last Jedi is the last blockbuster release in 2017, the end of the year. The film of Ryan Johnson will continue the narrative of the awakening of The Force, and to the delight of fans sees the return of the scene of Luke Skywalker. The director has promised a complex script that represents a real turning point in the narrative context of the franchise of Star Wars.

With this strong desire to impress, Johson has shot a lot of material that, understandably, will not be seen in the final version of the new chapter of Star Wars, a little like will happen with the dozens of new creatures designed by the team of Neal Scanlan.

The director recently explained the process of skimming, confirming that the unpublished material will be made available in the circuit of’ home video

“A large amount of great material is left off the assembly. I just revisionat of the cut scenes that will appear in the Blu-ray version. There are a lot of my favorite scenes, that I had to cut for reasons of narrative. There really are so many scenes to be excellent. There are also a couple of whole sequences that have removed. It seems strange, and this happens always, it's like having to kill your children. This is some of my favorite parts of the movie“

Despite this statement of Johnston, now the doubt is whether the material cut from Star Wars: The last Jedi will be a shortage that will have a negative repercussion on the vision of the film. Let us not forget that just recently the cuts apportatai to the Justice League compared to the vision of Zack Snyder have cost dear to the film of the DCEU, all comply with the diktat of the studio that they had imposed a maximum duration of two hours.

And although usually the work of Snyder are a bit long, the Justice League would have benefited most candidates are, in mod to give a greater depth to the narrative context of the heroes from DC.

Ryan Johnson has confirmed to Collider that the initial duration of Star Wars: The last Jedi was around three hours, which is actually too long for a title of the saga. They were then required of the cuts, so it was necessary to carefully choose which scenes to delete.

The same choice was also made with the Star Wars: The awakening Force of Abrams, especially with the figure of Maz Kanata. We just have to wait until December 13 to see if the cuts imposed on Star Wars: The last Jedi to be a double-edged sword!

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