Star Wars 7, Google will transform your smartphone into a laser sword

Published on Dec 18, 2015

The collaboration between Google and Disney, on the occasion of the release of the final chapter of Star Wars, the awakening of The force, has given birth to a computer interactive game that lets you use your smartphone as if it were a lightsaber. By synchronizing your mobile phone with your computer, you can use this as a weapon, while the images scroll on the screen of the desktop. In practice, you will be sitting at your desk and you will be able to kill the Stormtrooper directly with a movement of the phone.

The game is called Lightsaber Escape (Escape with a laser sword), and has been designed for Chrome (but works on other browsers) from the Big G, with the cooperation of Lucasfilm. Opening a unique link (obtained here, on the website of the application) by the smartphone from the pc, it will be possible to synchronize the two devices. After that just arm the phone and begin to fight the enemies, just as if you were a Jedi knight with his laser sword.

This game is just the latest tool created to advertise the release of the seventh episode of Star Wars: previously Google had offered an Easter Egg , which modified the graphics of Google, scrolling from bottom to top with the same format as of the beginning of all the chapters of Star Wars: in yellow and the background is starry. Always from the parts of Mountain View, had been modified the notification service according to the deployment of the user from the preferred side of the Force (Jedi or dark Side) – with consequences in the consultation of Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and Chrome – while on Facebook it was possible to add a lightsaber to your profile photo.


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