Star Wars 29: continue the adventures of Yoda and Poe Dameron! – Review

Published on Nov 14, 2017

Yoda and Poe Dameron are still the protagonists of Star Wars!

This month's Sandwiches offers us the tandem Star Wars – Poe Dameron in which you are preparing the final stages for the adventure of Yoda, at the conclusion of the first story arc of the adventures, dedicated to the reckless pilot of the Resistance.

But let's proceed with order. We left Yoda the last month dealing with a primitive people, of the force user, we can call it, that knows the use of force in a rudimentary way. And the same time, Luke, who is reading what happened to the wise Jedi Master from the pages of the diary that his father left him by Obi Wan, he understands what is the its way to become also he is a Jedi.

In this issue, Aaron gives us a double story, well divided, where towards the end the front of the narrative limelight, leaving Yoda on the unknown planet and bringing Luke on the system Vagadarr, towards a planet that does not appear on the maps. The distinction of the two times, the narrative is also well highlighted by the case of Larroca, who proceeds its work with a fantastic talent, and, above all, by the colors of Delgado, a very dreamy, soft and dreamy in the first one seems vivid and real in the second, that blend well with the narrative of Star Wars.

As already said above, this narrative arc not convinced me completely, I would have preferred Aaron delineasse the history directly in the past, as told by the diaries of Obi-wan, as it already happened the previous two times. I have to say though that I'm ricredendo in this final part, perhaps the expedient is served (I say maybe because the final judgement will put in the next month). We have to remember that this whole new series started over two years ago, with the intention to tell the story and explain why and how Luke became a Jedi, in parenthesis narrative the destruction of the first Death star and the battle of Hoth. I have to say that in these last stages it gets very interesting, because it reproduces exactly the original intent, after a few digressions. We are inside u rocket, where if you saw it, on the contrary, sees the drawing, and the plots do not understand, but if seen from the right side, this takes on another value. I can say with complete confidence that this is the spirit with which we have to deal with reading all the new canon.

All over the place that left me puzzled was precisely this breaking down of the patterns within the narrative as right now the new course was presented to us. The important thing is not to find out if Yoda survives or not in the adventure (a foregone conclusion), but the why and how. The question is what will happen to Luke when they meet Garro, the young boy now grown in that it was offered as a companion to the jedi master Yoda, who recognize Luke for what it is, namely a Jedi, and perhaps, this time, the road to the young Skywalker is on the right.

We make a jump in time of almost thirty years in the history of Star Wars and let's see what is combining Poe Dameron to the planet prison Megalox Beta, where you are trying to free Grakkus the Hutt for information on Lor San Tekka, the friend of the family Skywalker, who knows the true location of the exile self-imposed by Luke. The element of “search” as well as in the episode analyzed above, it is always at the center in these stories. The agent of Terex, in the pay of the First Order, organizes a revolt in the prison to free the Hutt, intending to eliminate in the meantime, the pilots of the team led by Poe. But Terex has not taken account of the droids astromeccanici of the Resistance, including the brave BB-8, the new R2D2, that disrupt the control system and the defense of the planet prison and is able to contain the fury of the droids from the defense, including those much larger and stronger than him (almost a “more is big the more noise it makes when it falls”).

The solution of the revolt has a certain “gravity”. Megalox Beta is a planet huge, the severity of which is modified by the control station placed in orbit, stationary above the prison. The tampering on the part of BB-8 of the control system and the intelligence of Poe to make successful the mission of seizing by surprise the treacherous Terex.

Soule brings us back, in a climate of spy well-placed in the context of Star Wars, in which the parties present do not know what parts to play. The same director of the prison has been bought by Terex to threaten and imprison the Poe and its pilots. But not only that. To return to the base, in a conversation with general Organa, born of the suspicion that the moves of Resistance are to be provided by the agent Terex because of a leak of information within the Resistance. The next move is, then, to find out who provides this information. You move the focus of the mission, to find Lor San tekka, and then locate Luke, to identify a spy. This gives a boost of longevity to the series, which is set a few months before the episode, the eighth, and in which the first scenes will enjoy its natural conclusion.

A brief reference to the figurative art of Phil Noto, always realistic in the transposition of the traits of the actors (a round of applause for the designs of the General Leia), even if I find it too sketchy and poorly decorated and the tables of the revolt on the plants Megalox. All in all a good job. At last, the figure of Terex is ambiguous. He belongs yes to the First Order, but the closure of communication during the warning of Captain Phasma makes her personality very multi-faceted, and his disposition not suitable to easily take orders from others.

With this we greet you, giving you an appointment on these pages at the end of the month with the new issue of Darth Vader where it will end the miniseries Darth Maul, and will continue the adventures of dr. Behn.

May the Force be with you!

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