Star Wars 1313 – the images of the video game ever made


Published on Mar 25, 2020


Screenshots of Star Wars 1313 have resurfaced online. The game, one of the last projects of LucasArts, has made his debut during E3 2012, and it seemed that a young Boba Fett was the protagonist.

Star Wars 1313 (LucasArts, cancelled in 2013): Boba Fett chararacter design & Coruscant level 1313 world development by @designergus + work-in-progress scenes.

In the last year of production (out of 4 or 5), George Lucas decided that Boba should be the protagonist of the game.

— From Lucasfilm Games to LucasArts (@LucasfilmGames) May 27, 2019

Star Wars 1313 looked to be a platformer / third person shooter with many similarities with the Uncharted series (a style that we've seen in Star Wars Jedi: the Fallen Order of 2019). The game saw it as a place in the underground of Coruscant, known as “Level 1313”.

After some difficulties in development, the acquisition by Disney of LucasFilm in 2012 and all its resources has exacerbated these problems and brought the game to be shelved. Things ended when Disney has closed LucasArts in April 2013, putting an end to the existence of the game.

Unfortunately, Star Wars 1313 is far from being the only title high-profile Star Wars to have been abandoned in the last decade. Since then, fans have lost the games such as “Project Ragtag”, an adventure of Star Wars, Visceral Games and the writer of Uncharted's Amy Henning. The remains of that game have been reworked into a title of a Star Wars open world code-named Orca that was later dropped. More recently, EA aha cancelled a spin-off of his series, Star Wars: Battlefront.

The 1313 remains a sore point for the fans, but they've finally managed to make a break between these games never come out with a game of Star Wars. Star Wars Jedi: the Fallen Order of Respawn was launched with great success last fall, fulfilling the long wait of the fans.

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