Star Trek: Picard 1×10 – Et Ego in Arcadia Part 2 | Review


Published on Mar 26, 2020


He had left Star Trek: Picard with the episode of last week – our review HERE – that prepared the ground for the season finale.

The arrival on Coppelius, the planet of Soji, he was concise with the discovery of a whole civilization, of synthetic headed by Dr. Altan Inigo Soong and the approaching menacing fleet romulana willing more than ever to sweep the planet, and with it the threat of the revelation of the forms of screw synthetic would be the heralds.

He then dug to the heart of this prophecy that inspired the original series, discovering that the Admonition was not addressed to them but to the forms of life, synthetic or a call for a federation of organisms, such as them coming from another galaxy.

The whole thing was quickly precipitated: the original series, at the gates, the synthetic had sped up procedures for the construction of a lighthouse that would bring in our galaxy the help you need the all fueled by resentment towards the humans and their federation already has a time unable to protect them.

From here starts the second part of the season finale entitled the Et Ego in Arcadia Part 2.

Picard is under arrest and it will be up to the Jurati free it mind Raffi, Rios and Narek in escape try in their way to stop the construction of the lighthouse. The Cube, meanwhile, 7 of 9 is to prevent the technology the Borg to be exploited by the romulans.

The only hope is then able to make contact with the Federation and Picard helped by the Jurati will control The Siren to it.

In orbit around the planet he and the Jurati will be able to earn the time needed for the Federation to respond to the SOS and contemporary dissuade Soji to activate the lighthouse.

That Picard seems to be really the last mission: his health deteriorates suddenly. It's really the terminus for the admiral?

If it were not for the test of acting nervous and suffered by Patrick Stewart and the great battle aircraft at the mid-episode, the voting this season finale would be much, much lower.

It is good to say now and frankly, the first season of Star Trek: Picard is a good start, bold and ambitious, but it is off mainly because of a forzatissimo element of nostalgia that has caused it to lose in the end, the comparison with the other series, the “modern” Star Trek " or Discovery.

This Et Ego in Arcadia Part 2 is redundant – 60 minutes once again prove to be excessive – with a first part that returns to us the Admonition, and the final that draws the component to the drama that betrays the fact the interesting thematic core of the season or review the concept of life using the metaphor of the synthetic.

All of this is lost in the tears that steal precious minutes to the only fruitful dialogue of the episode – that of the “awakening” of Picard – while the threat of the Federation of Synthetic never discloses itself to the fact wasting a golden opportunity to show, as done in other iterations recent of the franchise, to be able to create characters and situations so new and original.

And instead of Star Trek: Picard was swallowed up by its own effect, nostalgia, and cameos on cameos, unfortunately, often unnecessary, and an ending that displaces and contradicts ideally, but also practically, the most part of the path of Picard as a character, see his encounter/clash with the Borg.

If the episode also seems to provide a conclusion fairly clear of the events is natural to wonder if at this point the servant really is a second season of the series had already been confirmed and with it a change of showrunner also confirmed.

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