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Published on Mar 12, 2020


Star Trek: Picard had made record last week, a passing episode all dedicated to the nostalgia of the meeting between Picard, William Riker and Deanna Troi on the planet Nepenthe – our review HERE.

There, Picard and Soji had found refuge after the daring escape from the Cube, Borg, and the girl had learned the truth about his nature: is an android created from the source code of the Date that, in fact, could be considered his “father”.

On the same Cube, Elnor had continue to elude security romulana but Hugh had unfortunately been shot to death leaving the boy alone.

Even on The Siren, the situation was the most optimistic. Narek was put on the hunt of the ship, thanks to the tracker on the inside of the Doctor Jurati, the true mole of the whole mission, which, among other things, had induced the coma, overwhelmed by the pressure of events.

With Picard and Soji once again on The Siren and updates of Rios and Raffi will open the eighth, and the third last episode of this First Season, titled Broken Pieces.

While Soji is still disoriented by the revelations about its origins, Picard finally manages to get help from the Federation, which recommends a route to Deep Space 12.

On the Cube, Elron is helped to surprise 7 of 9 that starts the procedure of reactivation and repair of the Cube, despite showing some concern.

On The Siren the situation is tense. Rios has a collapse, which is connected to her past in starfleet, and that Raffi will discover the reasons, while Picard decides to wake up and interrogate the Jurati. The Romulans are convinced that exterminating the synthetic to stop the advent of the apocalypse. Everything is incredibly connected in a conspiracy by the disproportionate size.

Broken Pieces had to be in the intention of the showrunner and writer of the episode that was supposed to be the climax of the first season of Star Trek: Picard joining the various pieces of a puzzle very, very complex... the result, unfortunately, does not correspond to the expectations built in the previous episodes with a certain detail.

This is not enough to revive the fortunes of an episode is too compressed from the point of view of the narrative, but the pace is too bland from the point of view of the direction.

The interweaving of the personal stories and not of the various characters is handled in a manner that is anything but organic burdening at times, the vision becomes cumbersome also because of the deadlifts, beautiful without a shadow of a doubt, the Cube, the Borg.

One example is the digression on the history of Rios, apparently without a particular thread that is riallacciata to the main plot only in the minutes of the final in which, among other things, you need to the most classic of the “spiegoni” why is actually various information has been disseminated in ways that are too fragmented in order for the audience to have a clear picture by only.

Also the revelation about the obsession of the Romulans against the forms of life, synthetic is less amazing than what it was initially hinted by approaching the ideally Star Trek: Picard in Star Trek: Discovery.

With two episodes at the end of the First Season, Star Trek: Picard definitely has a way of making more fruitful these last two episodes slightly subdued.

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