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Published on Feb 27, 2020


In the episode of the last week of Star Trek: Picard – our review HERE – we saw Picard and his motley crew arrive at last on the planet Freecloud on the trail of Bruce Maddox is the one who would be able to provide information more precise on the nature of the Date code and its transfer in “daughters” the twins of which had tragically known only Dahj.

The episode was concluded, however, equally tragic and unexpected: the already battered Maddox was dead, betrayed by a member of unsuspected de La Sirena and his ex-lover... dr. Jurati.

Before dying, however, Maddox was able to reveal the true motivation for which the two twins were separated: discover the motivation behind the prohibition of synthetic. For this while Dahj was finished on Earth, his sister, Soji was sent to the Cube, the Borg now, “Borg Reclamation Project” managed as we know from the original series.

With The Siren direct to the Cube resumes this week's episode titled The Impossible Box.

Enter the region of romulan more than that be fatal, it could cause a diplomatic incident of catastrophic, Picard asks so to Raffi to cash in some favor to get a diplomatic visa.

Although shaken by having to meet up again with the race that had transformed into Locutus, Picard accepts access from only within the Cube, fortunately, encountering immediately a well-known face and the director of the project...

While Picard and his guest put on the trail of Soji, Narek, urged by This author external to the academy in the person of Narissa, she decides to give it my all, pushing it to the activation. Sottopostasi then the form of meditation romulana Zhal Makh, Soji is able to give directions on his true home planet.

Narek is ready to remove it, having in the hands all the useful information, but sottovalutandone activation. Soji and Picard meet, giving life to a daring escape brought about from the host to Picard and technology Borg...

At the halfway point of this first season of Star Trek: Picard manufactures in the 55 minutes of this The Impossible Box is not only the best episode of this season so far but also the intent and the script goes straight to the heart of the franchise as originally designed by the great Gene Rodenberry.

The episode is structured in a simple, but effective, relying on two pillars: Picard and Soji. The first relives the traumatic experience of a new contact – forgive the pun – with the Borg, while the second one slowly understands that there is definitely something deeper wrong, and a dummy in his past and in himself.

The episode is tense, claustrophobic, but at the centre there is a reflection so dear to the whole of science fiction and alternate history, one linked to another that is stripped of its negative character – while not denying the brutality – but instead is scaled as a living being and as such has its own proper dignity.

This is then the difference between the mission of Picard and the Romulans, who see in God a simple machine, so perfect not only to adapt but also to forget to be, a prophet of an apocalypse robotics.

Where the man ends and starts the machine, where does my freedom to be and begins that of the other?

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