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Published on Feb 13, 2020


In the episode of the last week of Star Trek: Picard, after having received the decided refusal of starfleet, Picard had decided to continue his mission to find the twin of Dahj – the synthetic created thanks to the research of Bruce Maddox, and the “daughter” of Date, having inherited part of the code – talking, obviously, his old companions in the person of Raffi that not only had procured a ship and a captain but reluctantly joined the crew. Picard had then invited dr. Jurati to join as an expert on life forms and synthetic route was then drawn: Freecloud on the tracks of the same Maddox.

On the Cube the Borg, become a search site, romulan, instead of Soji – the twin of Dahj – had suddenly awakened after coming into contact with Ramdha, one of the rare romulane assimilated, which, in the throes of a crisis he had labeled as “the destroyer”.

From here starts the episode this week, titled Absolute Candor, that starts with one of the now familiar sequences in analessi: Picard is a visit to a settlement of the romulan on the planet Vashti continuing his personal mission of peace on behalf of the Federation, and where he made friends with the little Elnor grew up by the order of Qowat Milat one of the sisters, warriors.

It is here that Picard wants to make a stop in search of help, while ignoring the fact that this whole area has become dangerous and on the planet definitely will meet a hostile climate. It will be the young Elnor to agree to offer his services to Picard, but not before saving him from a potential explosive situation fuelled by the resentment against her.

Once back on The Siren, the crew must deal with an attack that manages to survive only thanks to the providential intervention of an old acquaintance who is accepted on board.

On the Cube the Borg instead of Narek is forced to press Soji. The girl of course starts to suspect that Narek is an agent of Such author external to the academy. The same Narek is placed behind the wall: it must find out from where is Soji and especially if there are others like her.

Absolute Candor is a dense episode that shows from one side how the series is taking its time to build what today is a more complex scenario compared to the initial premise.

In this sense the episode, a little bit of slowness in the first part of the sequence in analessi and explanations of the various accelerating from mid-on and finding it in short sequences to the Cube, Borg a great thread.

Greatest Patrick Stewart, but this is now the custom. The register of his interpretation passes with ease and effectiveness from the ironic to the dramatic, to the authoritative confirming once again why the series bears his name.

The scripts continue to leverage on the triggering event that brought Picard to the withdrawal – dramatic event, and as we're seeing episode after episode from a thousand and one implications – while the entrance on the scene of Elnor is definitely well-designed with a wink of the eye, to the taste and manner, to some of the modern tv series that much success among the public eager to compete with characters/alien cultures “heartless” and creating the right contrast with the air is peaceful, and the sci-fi ecumenical, Picard and the franchise.

The arrival on board de La Sirena at the end of the episode shows the crew on route to Freecloud and directly to the next episode.

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