Star Toys: the Force is “hard” in these accessories for adults theme Star Wars!

Published on Dec 08, 2017

I feel a “vibration” in the Force!

The nerd love all of Star Wars (someone a little less poor Jar Jar Binks), but for some people, the unbridled passion for everything that comes from that galaxy long...oops I wanted to say far, far away, goes beyond admiration and leads to moments of pure pleasure sci-fi.

We are not referring to the chaste and demure (like no!) fantasies starring princess Leia and her famous bikini golden, but to a complete line of sex toys with the theme of Star Wars that the company Geeky Sex Toys has decided to produce to meet the demands of the most intimate and luxurious of all those who are sensitive to the “hardness” of the Force!

A long time ago, in a fantasy far far away.... STAR TOYS! Available now! We've spent many many moons working on these products and are absolutely thrilled with the final results. Go check em’ out! #handsolo #darthvibrator

— Geeky Sex Toys (@Geeky_Sex_Toys) December 4, 2017

The collection of these pastime for adults ranges from the classic “swords” laser duels between the Jedi of pleasure, toys are vibrant for those who want to catch up with the warm and dark Darth Vader mask or with the cute capoccione of R2-D2, until a series of accessories and bondage for the moments of spicy beyond any limit in a sort of 50 shades of Rey!

To paraphrase the wise old master Yoda (there is also for him in the collection of Geeky Sex Toys):

No! Try no! Enjoy, or not enjoy it! There is no try!

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Source: Nerdist

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