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Published on Apr 29, 2019


Hiro Mashima
21×29,7, B, 112 pp, b/n e col., with jacket, € 19,00
In the library and the comic store
For all fans of Fairy Tail, Star Comics has the pleasure to present Harvest – Fairy Tail Illustrations II, the second collection of the most beautiful color illustrations of the master, Mashima! The artbook, which follows, and “integrates” the above Fantasy, it contains the images made in the various years of publication of the series for the covers, pin-ups and merchandise items, each accompanied by a comment of the author! She closes the book with an unpublished interview to the creator of Fairy Tail, the art of drawing and colouring, an unmissable opportunity to enter the workshop creative of one of the manga series, the most famous of recent times. In short, the harvest has been good, you just need to run to the store!

STEEL BALL RUN 14 (of 16)
Hirohiko Araki
13×18, B, 288 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 7,00
In the library and the comic store
It is the year 1890, and, in a sort of alternative to the known, is going to take away the Steel Ball Run, a horse race of speed and endurance that crosses the United States, starting from the beach of San Diego in California and ending in New York. The lucky winner will win fifty million dollars in prizes by the organization...
Lucy has been transformed definitively into nine parts gather the remains and what causes D4C, the Stand of the president, get a new power. Everything seems to have lost, and Johnny is in despair, but J. Lo tells him that there is a possibility to cross even the size... taking advantage of the golden rectangle, and his skill as a jockey!

RANMA ½ NEW EDITION 19 (of 20)
Rumiko Takahashi
13×18, B, 352 pp, b/n e col., with flaps, € 7,00
In the library and the comic store
A father and a son, a panda and a girl, cold water and hot water, martial arts, and feeling are the ingredients to introduce the great return of Ranma½, a number that could only arise from the mind of the volcanic Rumiko Takahashi! One of the works of the most successful of the “princess of manga” finally back in the store with a new edition to discover!
Between plots to foil, romantic moments of the couple (?) visits to the tomb of the family, the dynamics within the turbulent family Saotome are becoming more and more difficult to manage... this Time Ranma will end up really having to do seppuku?! In the meantime, the shadow of the springs cursed continues to influence the adventures of our metamorphic heroes!

Hiro Mashima
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/w, with flaps, € 4,90
The young Shiki lives on the planet Granbell together with the robot, animate a vast theme park. One day they came two visitors, the first to set foot on Granbell by about a century: Rebecca, a young creative digital content, and his blue cat Happy. The three are quickly agreed and the two become friends... Still don't know that this meeting will change their destinies! Hiro Mashima, the acclaimed author of Fairy Tail, and leaves the enchanted atmosphere of the famous series to embark on an incredible journey, half-way between fantasy and science fiction, the discovery of the stars and unknown planets!

Hiro Mashima
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/w, with flaps, € 6,90
The incredible journey in space, Shiki, joshua, Rebecca, and Happy in a prestigious limited edition, full of exclusive content, such as a booklet that explains the genesis of the work and of the picture postcards from the author! A must for all true fans.

FAIRY TAIL 63 (63)
Hiro Mashima
11,5×17,5, B, 224 pp, b/n, € 4,30
Fairy Tail is the prestigious guild of mages they are a part of Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and many other companions you meet along a journey chock-full of adventures, dangers, and opponents of every kind....
Just when it seems that Natsu has broken the ambitions of Zeref, and that the final battle is finally come to an end, the sky cracks and the crevices created emerges Acnologia, the dragon demon, which everybody believed to be trapped in the interstices of time... his psyche and his body were separated, and the second – out-of-control – lust, the destruction. In this desperate situation, Lucy and the others make a bet in play on all... The battle of the fairies that survived from the start to its final conclusion!

Kohei Horikoshi
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,30
In a world where being a superhero is normal, born without any special powers is the equivalent of a real disgrace! Izuku Midoriya to go all out to get a superpower, and in spite of the feat seems impossible, someone will eventually notice his skills...
In spite of lately, the school has suffered a lot because of the Villain, even at the Yuei is the time of the festival of culture! Section A, feeling in part responsible for the difficult period that the school is going through, he decides to organize a live performance to distract the minds of the other students from the worries. But Midoriya and companions are not the only people to have projects for that day...

UP 184
Kyousuke Motomi
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,50
In the library and the comic store
The members of the family Horikita, make a craft, and strange: they are “ripulitori” of the soul, dealing with that is to cleanse away impurities from the hearts of the people. Smoke starts to help them and moved to the home where he is appreciated for his skills. At a certain point, however, she begins to awaken a mysterious power that makes it a “Black Queen”, a being able to exercise an enormous power over the people!
In the heart of the Smoke have awakened two Queens, one Black and the other White. After you have decided to train mentally and physically to become a real Queen, is targeted by the ripulitori totally unrelated to the family Horikita!

Daisuke, Mr. Ashihara
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,30
In the library and the comic store
In a universe in which the Earth is the planet the most technologically backward, but at the same time, the most prosperous, it is not easy to defend yourself from the threats of alien invaders. Mikado City was besieged by the Neighbor, and the only ones who can fight them are the members of the agency's Border, equipped with a special weapon called Trigger that allows you to take advantage of the energy present in every being, the Trion, in order to enhance the capacity...
All the teams have been transferred and are up for the sixth challenge of the preliminary round! In the initial stages, the team Oji plans to concentrate its attacks on Osamu, and the Tamakoma 2 will have to soon find an exit strategy from the predicament. As if that wasn't enough, Ikoma outperforms all with his Senku Kogetsu, by the incomparable force of destruction... Who will survive and climb the leaderboard?

5 CM PER SECOND COMPLETE BOX (contains vols. 1-2)
Makoto Shinkai, Yukiko Seike
13×18, B, 480 pp, b/n, € 10,00
In the library and the comic store
Takaki and Akari met on the benches of the elementary school and since then, despite the fact that they have separated, the guy has never stopped thinking about her friend. The nostalgia that evidence is so strong as to push him to look for her, even after many years...
After school, Akari moves to another city and Tanaki, with the passage of time, realizes that he is maturing a feeling that goes beyond friendship...




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