Star Comics, the outputs of the 7 August 2019


Published on Aug 05, 2019


Matt Kindt, Tomás Giorello
17×26, B, 112 pp, color, € 8,90
In the library and the comic store

Aric of Dacia may have left behind the planet Gorin, but its inhabitants still remember the ruins caused by its passage... and so are the bounty hunters that had tried to put an end to his kingdom and barbaric. Now have come to our world to finish the work they had begun... and this time they are not going to capture X-O Manowar live!

BIG 44
of Koyoharu Gotouge
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,50
In the library and the comic store

Japan, at the beginning of the twentieth century. The young Tanjiro, a helpful seller of coal, he sees her everyday life disrupted by the extermination of the family in the work of a demon. The only one still alive is the younger sister Nezuko, which, however, has been transformed into a demon in turn. To make it back as before and take revenge on the monster that killed his mother and siblings, Tanjiro sets out on the journey with Nezuko, marking the start of a gripping tale of blood, swords and adventure!

Tanjiro and Nezuko cross blades with the two demons are able to control both the temari that the arrows. They claim to be part of the Twelve Moons of the Demonic, and to be under the direct control of Kibutsuji. Will Tanjiro to defeat the two opponents and to get some new clue on his sworn enemy?

FAN 241
NISEKOI 22 (of 25)
of Naoshi Komi
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,30
In the library and the comic store

The high school student Raku, you will find manesca contemporary Chitoge, with which bisticcia from the first moment. Behind what seems to be a trivial encounter, however, hides a fate somewhat mocking... The boys belong to two families of yakuza and gangsters that, to avoid a bloody feud, require them to pretend to be engaged for the purpose of establishing a pax mafiosa clan!

During the wedding ceremony of Marika, Raku bursts in an instant before the kiss of the oath. Will he save the girl from the guards of the mother?! And how will affect the story on the feelings that Kosaki and Chitoge trying to Raku?

of Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Kensuke Nishida
13×18, B, 224 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 5,90
In the library and the comic store

A rain of frogs pelting from the sky! These mysterious parasites from the origin uncertain you threaten in humans and, based on the desires repressed in their subconscious, to transform them into monsters repulsive by the murderous rage! Jagasaki, a young policeman patrolling frustrated that fantastic to be able to shoot anyone who is “owned” by a parasite still in the larval stage, and because of this, it manages to maintain its rationality, despite his body begins to mutate...

Although to stop his sworn enemy, Chiharu, Jagasaki agree to join the S. K. A. T. Team, the Special Analysis of the Men's Fault! The orders of the commander-Mikazuchi, from the body as hard as diamond, will address a special training to overcome their limits and reach a new stage. In the meantime, the dead man that has taken possession of the body of a student starts to explore his new life in the female...

ZERO 233
FAIRY GIRLS 3 (of 4)
Hiro Mashima, Boku
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n e col., with flaps, € 4,90
In the library and the comic store

To all fans of Fairy Tail! It is true, the regular series is reaching its ending, but fear not! Star comics has in store for you an acclaimed spin-off, all-female, starring four beautiful and valiant mages of the guild, struggling with a series of adventures to no end!

This time, our fabulous fairies will be engaged in a mission in which you must impersonate none other than... the fascinating entertainers of a local lord! Then will be the time of a challenge as the waiter with the girls of Mermaid Heel, and then devoted himself to looking after an infant lost, that will require all of their attention until her parents will not be tracked. And to top it off, will be back behind the school to unmask a plot within a prestigious school for women!

of Okushou, Shizumu Watanabe
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,30
In the library and the comic store

What would happen if a virtual platform to become suddenly “real”, and it was impossible to get out of it? How are we going to manage the interpersonal dynamics that we set up on social networks if the stakes were our very survival? Is what you are about to experience first Love and then Yuuma when they remain trapped on the Real Account, forced to challenge other users in evidence by the results... deadly!

“Hunter indelicato 24h” is the new test that awaits the players come to the middle of the tower. Its a pity the partners of Yuuma is the indelicatezza done person! In addition, the blade of Kotoko, who said of trying to kill him, looming more and more on him. How will the boy to resolve the complicated situation?! Approaching a showdown with the sound of the punches and stabs!

of Akimi Yoshida
13×18, B, 208 pp, b/n e col., with jacket, € 4,90
In the library and the comic store

The three sisters Koda, one day, came the news of the death of the father. Their first reaction is almost apathetic: in the end, he had abandoned fifteen years before to get a new family, and for them had become practically a stranger. At the funeral, but, in addition to rediscover the affection lost for him meet for the first time their half-sister Suzu, who was short will end up to live in Kamakura with them!

After he married Chika, Hamada part to climb Everest. While Sachi and Yoshino live their loves, Suzu feels that the last summer of the medium is about to end... Started in the summer of his sixth grade, when the song of the cicadas gives way to the silence, this poignant family saga comes finally to an end!

by Maki Miyoshi
11,5×17,5, B, 176 pp, b/n, € 4,50
In the library and the comic store

The sixteen-year-old Kako participates in a gokon organized by older people, pretending to be a twenty-two. On that occasion, knows Kota (23 years old) and between the two starts to see a good agreement, but the most beautiful things take a turn decidedly unexpected... The beautiful Kota is a cop all of a piece! What will happen when she discovers the real age of Kako? Will the girl to enter the heart of the inflexible agent?!

To Kako and Kota and the start of the first summer to spend together. Organize a trip to the sea, while on the horizon, it promises to be even a fireworks display (and on the day of the birthday of Kako!)... With a similar program, their love will finally come to the apex?

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