Star Comics, the outputs of the 17 July 2019


Published on Jul 14, 2019


Christos Gage, Larry Stroman, Roberto De La Torre, Ryan Wynn, José Villarrubia
17X26, B, 128 pp, color, € 8,90
Only in the comic book store and library

The fate of the Warrior Lord, is pending, and Ninjak will have to use all his skills as a super-spy to track down The Dying man (a being who takes possession of a new body each time that the host dies), and to free Gilad from the control of his nemesis is more lethal. But to stop an immortal genius, especially if equipped with the full power of the Warrior Lord, is an undertaking for which even the best and most brilliant MI6 agent can be prepared!
The Fist and the Steel will come face to face in a new chapter in the life of Colin King, written by Christos Gage and drawn by Larry Stroman and Roberto De La Torre.
Contains NINJA-K #10-14

Eliot Rahal, Francis Portela, Joe Eisma
17X26, B, 176 pp, color, € 10,90
Only in the comic book store and library

In an extreme demonstration of force in the course of events known as the Second War of the Harbinger, Livewire has thrown the world into darkness. From one coast to the other, technology is a vital time has been reduced to uselessness. No cars, no phones... Nothing bracelets quantum?
Without the bands the hi-tech that keeps them together, the worst superheroes in the world have twenty-four hours before it will dissolve into nothing... Deprived of their powers and no longer able to make KLANG, they will be Quantum and Woody to become the heroes that they have always hoped to be, and to secure the streets of Washington before their time has expired?
Contains QUANTUM & WOODY (2017) # 6-12

Makoto Yukimura
13×18, B, 192 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 4,90
In the library and the comic store

In the Europe of the Eleventh Century the Vikings are one of the powers which take into account the ships from the bow in the shape of a dragon pillaged the continent far and wide! Firmly at the head of the troops norrene that dominate the England, the young Cnut is ready to do anything to achieve their dream and accomplish their plans.

The same year, in the tentatvio to free Leif, Einar and Gudrid, was able to get into Jomsborg without being seen. But behind the fences of the citadel, you will have to do the accounts with his own past... he is a arrived the much coveted moment of revenge?

Yoshitoki Oima
11,5×17,5, B, 208 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 5,50
In the library and the comic store

For an immortal being to land a day in the tundra. Able to turn into any thing, thanks to the information that it collects from the world around him, and assumes gradually the shape of what it touches. One day he meets a boy, but he spends a lot of time on the edge. Lights, smells, sounds, pain, joy, sadness... A journey into a world full of stimuli and sensations, through a constant evolution.

After colliding for the first time with an enemy, Fushi is a new encounter: a boy by the name of Gugu, who wears a mask and mocks himself additandosi as a “monster”. Fushi begins to live like a normal human being along with her new friend, who loves him like his younger brother. One day, though, Gugu escape from the house of the old distillery, at which he worked as a servant. What effects will have the event on that to be in flux, which is Fushi?

Eiichirō Oda
11,5×17,5, B, 208 pp, b/n, € 4,30

A great demand, return to the adventures of Luffy and his crew in a new edition which is much more than a simple reissue, thanks to an in-depth review of the content and new graphics that make this saga the pirates a great series to collect!

After many adventures, the meeting with the group of Nami in the land of Zo is managed with success, but under the eyes of our we now have a landscape in ruin, the place pours in a pitiful state. But most of all, that was the end of Luffy? While it continues the investigation on the mysteries that underlie this extraordinary place, the secret of the origins of the chef of the Straw Hat crew is afloat...

of Yasuki Tanaka
13×18, B, 192 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 5,90
In the library and the comic store

Shinpei, who grew up on the island of Hitogashima, lives in Tokyo when he finished school. One day, however, receives the sad news: Ushio, his great childhood friend, died suddenly of an accident at sea. Back on the island for the funeral, the young man will be forced to deal with the shadows that lurk within the narrow community of the island. And while the circumstances of the death of Ushio are more and more mysterious and start to occur of the events disturbing, and inexplicable, Shinpei, you will fall into a spiral dark and dramatic!

To Hitogashima, Shinpei and I, his little sister, adoptive, are killed by the shadow of her. In that moment, the guy comes back in time, to July 22, when he was still on the ferry which would have bearing on the island. Shinpei, he hears the voice of Ushio, his right eye changes color, and revises his old friend, despite being dead. What the heck is going on?

MUST 100
Chuya Koyama
13×18, B, 208 pp, b/w, with dust jacket holographic, € 4,90
In the library and the comic store

The brothers-the great caravan routes, and Hibito, as kids, had exchanged a promise: by the large, would have gone to the Moon together! Once grown up, however, things have taken another twist and, while Hibito has become a famous astronaut, the great caravan routes are still tribolando to realize his ambition. Will the two reach their common goal?

Passed the blackout of the moon, the great caravan routes, and the other Jokers are hurrying to complete the telescope, Sharon, with the help of a new robot. Meanwhile, on the ISS, Serika entrusts to the shuttle of supply FUJI crystals of the protein of the SLA results of his experiments. The great caravan routes, and Serika, from different places, one on the moon, the other on the ISS, turn both their thoughts to a person that remained on earth...

Hideaki Sorachi
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 4,90
In the library and the comic store

In the middle of the Edo era, that of the samurai, fall from the sky aliens called'amanto who conquer the Land. The caste of samurai was abolished, and the noble warriors private of the sword. However, someone is not willing to accept this imposition: it is Gintoki Sakata, bad boy rebellious and impulsive, with a group of friends try to pull forward without betraying the principles of the true samurai...

The city is in turmoil: it is said that some passers-by drunks have been killed for the sole purpose of testing a sword! On the way home, after drinking, a shinigami suddenly appears and asks Gin-san to behead them... In fact, the “demon” wants to do harakiri because he's troubled by a problem that can't make it public! We will also see the funeral of the Kagura and the romantic date of Otae and Kondo in the shoes of a cockroach!

Abi Umeda
14,5×21, B, 160 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 5,90
In the library and the comic store

The world has been completely covered by a boundless sea of sand. Most of the people that live on the Whale of the Mud, a giant ship floating adrift, is equipped with the ability to use thymia, an extraordinary power generated by the feelings. The downside of this power is sentenced to an extremely short life...

After having infiltrated Amonlogia, Chakuro and his companions are able to take to save not branded. But all of a sudden in front of them appears the Orca, the commander of the army of the Empire, that inhibits the soldiers of Amonlogia with the unstoppable power of his thymia




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