Star Comics, the outputs of the 13th of March 2019


Published on Mar 11, 2019


Christos Gage, Tomás Giorello, Ariel Olivetti, Juan José Ryp, Roberto De La Torre
17×26, B, 176 pp, col., € 10,90
In the library and the comic store
For almost a century, the MI6, the branch most elite of the secret services of Great Britain, has perfected a division so effective and top secret but ruthless, the PROGRAM NINJA, until it became his best weapon.
The first and last line of defense for the country and for the Queen, this small army-the shadow agents and the assassins, has produced a series of resources, including NINJA-TO, the silent weapon of the Crown during the First World War, the NINJA, the secret agent, world traveler who avoided catastrophe during the Cold War and, more recently, the NINJA-K, alias Colin King, arrogant, but lethal, that has saved you on several occasions the world from psychopaths and terrorists. But now an unknown enemy is hunting and killing, one by one, the members of the PROGRAM NINJA... and Ninjak is the next one in the list.

Naoko Takeuchi
11,5×17,5, B, 278 pp, b/n e col., € 4,70
In the library and the comic store
The saga of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon New Edition has ended, but for all the fans of the warriors who dressed in a seafaring Star Comics has in store for the last gem. After the collection of episodes minions Short Stories will arrive on the shelves in the prequel that started the myth! In the two volumes which make up this miniseries, we follow the adventures of a heroine who conceals his identity under the code name Sailor V...
Minako Aino: a sixth grader with an extremely low propensity to study, his head perpetually in the clouds, on character turbulent and a passion for gaming, shopping and cute boys. Who would suspect ever that under the guise of a schoolgirl, as she conceals a paladin of justice, destined to defend the peace in the world?! The cat Artemis will have a nice to do for her to immerse herself in the role of Sailor V, aka Sailor Venus... the transformation begins!

Gosho Aoyama
11,5×17,5, B, 304 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 5,90
In the library and the comic store
For all the fans of the little detective with the glasses, here's a new anthology to meet the expectation of new issues of the series. This time, the theme of the volume is the other great passion of Shinichi Kudo, second only to the investigation... football!
Of the rest, our little Sherlock Holmes has always proved to be an ace with the ball, kept alive to destroy more than a criminal. Among the many episodes of the regular series have been selected with the greatest care those topic football, to then be collected in a single volume from the collection! Never before as in these stories the brilliant deductions of Conan have gone hand in hand with his technique, from the champion!

BIG 39
Hiro Mashima
11,5×17,5, B, 224 pp, b/w, with flaps, € 4,30
On the occasion of the airing of the anime of Fairy Tail, here is a new edition of the mint of the highly acclaimed work of the master Mashima, thanks to an in-depth review of the contents will make your reading an unusual, surprising adventure!
The business of the guild, the more wacky and fun than ever before, restart from zero!
July 7, X791: it is said that this fateful day will come in the flight of ten thousand dragons. For intercept, the doors are opened to the Eclipse, but... The portal will let us into the hope or the despair?! Humanity helpless must kneel in the presence of the terrible threat represented by a dragon whose ferocity surpasses all imagination?!

FAN 236
Naoshi Komi
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,30
The high school student Raku, you will find manesca contemporary Chitoge, with which bisticcia from the first moment. Behind what seems to be a trivial encounter, however, hides a fate somewhat mocking... The boys belong to two families of yakuza and gangsters that, to avoid a bloody feud, require them to pretend to be engaged for the purpose of establishing a pax mafiosa clan!
The plan of Marika to watch the first sunrise of the year together with Raku fails, and the two find themselves shipwrecked on a deserted island. In addition, the physical condition of the girl is worse. Will be able to see the sun rise?! In the meantime, begins the new year, Yui, now twenty-year-old, is informed by Ye arrival of a marriage proposal. How he will react in the face of this unexpected event...?

Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Kensuke Nishida
13×18, B, 224 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 5,90
In the library and the comic store
A rain of frogs pelting from the sky! These mysterious parasites from the origin uncertain you threaten in humans and, based on the desires repressed in their subconscious, to transform them into monsters repulsive by the murderous rage! Jagasaki, a young policeman patrolling frustrated that fantastic to be able to shoot anyone who is “owned” by a parasite still in the larval stage, and because of this, it manages to maintain its rationality, despite his body begins to mutate...
Jagasaki leaves Triple H, who has decided to live the time that remains to him for the Beautiful, his beloved. The two find themselves so alone in her flat, but maybe things will not go as they hope... In the meantime, Triple H are hailed as heroes, so much so that the movement contrary to the draft law on the “frogs crazy” founded by their leader, Hakuto Misogi, comes to shake the entire country. The situation is likely to explode from one moment to another!

Kohei Horikoshi, Hideyuki Furuhashi, Betten Court
11,5×17,5, B, 208 pp, b/n, € 4,50
In the library and the comic store
The Heroes are chosen ones who, under government licence, take advantage of the powerful Quirks of which they are endowed, from birth to protect the planet from the bad guys. The world, however, there are also non-chosen with powers were mediocre, and the road that they travel is... Illegal Heroes!
Koichi continued in his efforts as a vigilante to protect the peace in Naruhata under the guise of The Crawler. Because of his or her occupation a secret, however, he begins to have some problem with the university, but, fortunately, a senpai he offers a healing hand... In exchange, however, will help you to make an inquiry on the vigilantes...

Fuse, Taiki Kawakami, Also Vah
13×18, B, 160 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 4,90
In the library and the comic store
The loss of life following an assault is certainly not a nice experience... Let alone if we then reincarnates into a gelatinous, more blind and deaf, and one is catapulted in a completely different world from the one that is left! It's what happens to Satoru, embarks on an absurd adventure in the role of a slime!
Milim, the most dangerous of all the kings demons, she decided to move to Tempest, a choice that his fellow-men, unaware of how things have gone, may be mistaken as the sign of a covenant between Tempest and Milim. Limur and his companions, in the hope that the waters calm, continue to cultivate good relations with the new host. At a certain point, however, came to the city of the servants of the demon king Callion...

Maki Miyoshi
11,5×17,5, B, 176 pp, b/n, € 4,50
In the library and the comic store
The sixteen-year-old Kako participates in a gokon organized by older people, pretending to be a twenty-two. On that occasion, knows Kota (23 years old) and between the two starts to see a good agreement, but the most beautiful things take a turn decidedly unexpected... The beautiful Kota is a cop all of a piece! What will happen when she discovers the real age of Kako? Will the girl to enter the heart of the inflexible agent?!
Contrary to Kako, you leave take up in the euphoria, between happiness and embarrassment, Okami continues to raphael impersonates himself. It seems that the hatred of the guy to the police has very deep roots, as well as the grazes that you always bring on... The part of history dedicated to Okami, divided between love and friendship, finally reaches the climax!




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