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Published on Sep 02, 2019


to Eiichirō Oda
01/11/2019, 11,5×17,5, 288 pp., € 6,90
In the library and the comic store

To all the fans of the acclaimed manga of the master Oda and those who have not yet had the opportunity to find out, Star Comics has the pleasure to present to you One Piece Doors!, an exceptional collection opening chapter of the series that will make you sbellicare laughter! Between the hilarious illustrations that depict the members of the Straw Hat crew grappling with a myriad of animals, and the famous “miniavventure”, that will give you the opportunity to follow the tortuous paths taken by the various secondary characters away from the spotlight in the main series, there's not really that bored! But if still not enough... here are some rich insights to know everything, but everything, on the illustrations of the opening and on the protagonists. And then, what are you waiting for?! A world of adventures awaits you!

of Naoko Takeuchi
13/11/2019, 14,5×21, 290 pp., cover holographic, € 14,90
In the library and the comic store

Is finally coming the long-awaited Eternal Edition of the adventures of Sailor Moon, a publication of the highest quality, extremely faithful to the original, composed by volumes of large format, pages printed in five colors!

Usagi is a fourteen-year-old who leads a life of cheerful and carefree as so many of her peers. However, the day in which he meets a mysterious cat speaking out of the name of the Moon, begins her adventure shocking: reveal to be Sailor Moon, warrior of love and justice with the powers of the Moon, and having on his shoulders the fate of the entire planet!

of Kaoru Fujiwara
13/11/2019, 15×21, 168 pp., € 12,00
In the library and the comic store

Five stories, five different forms of love, “extreme” dashed according to the suggestions of the narrative different, ranging from the surreal to the morbid to the thrilling, but always with surprising and disturbing bluntness and “carnality”, and embellished with a graphic style that is refined and elegant and glacial, yet intense. In a series of bandages, wounds and scars, the metaphor of the insanabilità lacerations of the inner life, the protagonists of this volume show the different faces assumed femininity: women as angelic figures, or mere objects, as victims or executioners, fragile, or steadfast. Self-harm, become voyeur, torture, sadism, fetishism: extreme forms of passion, or obsessive compulsive disorder? But then, is there really a difference?

From the author of the Garden of Eden, a work that is shocking that will carry you into the depths of the darkest passion, the fourth title to enter the necklace Wasabi. Don't miss out!

ECHOES no. 1
Kei Sanbe
13/11/2019, 13×18, 208 pp, dust jacket, € 5,90
In the library and the comic store

Senri Nakajo lives only for revenge. When he was a child someone has killed his parents and he is not in the least willing to leave the thing behind. Into or out of the school, its only purpose is to find the strength and money necessary to accomplish his revenge and to get them has no fear to get your hands dirty... But what to expect once you have satisfied the objective around which all his life, and pursues it despite the contrary opinion of a dear friend and grandparents, the only relatives that remained?

The king of the thriller, Kei Sanbe, the author of Erased, a new, gripping story full of mystery and suspense – a story that is on the brink of madness and hanging on to the thread of the web of memories.

of NisiOisin, Oh! Great
13/11/2019, 13×18, 192 pp, dust jacket, € 5,90
In the library and the comic store

One day a young Koyomi Araragi happen to grab to the flight the charming Hitagi Senjogahara, slipped on a flight of stairs. He discovers with dismay that the girl... is completely devoid of weight! Stricken by a curse, Hitagi has lost all of his body weight after he encountered a supernatural being from the face of a crab, and this tends to push away anyone close by. What the girl does not know is that even Koyomi hides a disturbing secret, one which is rooted in an incredible story of monstrous entities and situations supernatural...

Taken from the critically-acclaimed series of light novels signed by NisiOisiN, and superbly drawn by the skillful hand of the Oh! Great, finally arrives in Italy, this gripping story of gods, demons and creatures of the spectral that will carry you beyond the boundaries of reality, in a transcendent world teeming with presences ancestral!

of Hirohiko Araki
13/11/2019, 11,5×17,5, 192 pp, dust jacket, € 5,50
In the library and the comic store

Rohan Kishibe is equipped with a power Stand that turns people into books, allowing him to read the inside. Given its nature, extremely curious, it is found to live a large number of experiences out of the ordinary, some of which are downright frightening. In this second volume that collects the episodes dedicated to him, we present to you the four exciting short stories that accompany the mangaka most famous of Morio-cho in his wanderings in search of inspiration and realism!

of Shirow Masamune, Yu Kinutani, Boichi, Tomori Inoue, Masayuki Yamamoto, Yu Imai, Nokuto Koike, Nobuaki Tadano, Takumi Oyama, Tony Takezaki, Akira Hiramoto
13/11/2019, 14,5×21, 240 pp., jacket, miniposter, € 11,90
In the library and the comic store

The major Kusanagi, Bato, Aramaki and the other members of Section 9 are back in this amazing anthology of short stories signed by names of the calibre of Akira Hiramoto, Yu Kinutani, Boichi, and many other japanese authors. In each chapter the various mangaka give a declination different in the world created by Shirow Masamune, allowing us to see first-hand the aspects of the work of the teacher who most influenced them. An unmissable opportunity to relive in a new way the atmosphere of the manga cyberpunk par excellence!

of Shirow Masamune, Max Gladstone, David Lopez, Alex de Campi, Giannis Milonogiannis, Genevieve Valentine, Brent Schoonover,, Brenden Fletcher, LRNZ
13/11/2019, 20×30, 168 pp., col., € 18,90
In the library and the comic store

An assignment under cover in Shanghai is to go and meet Kusanagi with a rival of the times of the war, in a tangle of loyalties changing. Togusa and Saito leave for a mission to infiltrate a gang of bio-suprematisti, without the advantages cyber. A thief of data that lives in what remains of the United States finds an old flame and ends up getting dragged into a tragic vortex that none of the two can stop. A deep dive into the mind of a criminal forces greater Kusanagi to question on the nature of the imagination, and on their own identity...

In this historic collection in full colour, a team of masters of comics from various parts of the world seeps in, through the perspective of the twenty-first century, issues of human identity and the border between mind and machine that made The Ghost in The Shell manga cult!

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