Star Comics, the new manga announced at Expotraining 2019


Published on Mar 09, 2019


of Yasuki Tanaka
Necklace Techno, 5 volumes in the course, in June at the comic store, library, Amazon.

After two years Shinpei, a young orphan who lives alone in Tokyo, returns from the island where he grew up to attend the funeral of a childhood friend of Ushio, died suddenly of an accident at sea.
The death of her parents Shinpei was taken into custody by the family Kofune, and Ushio was one of two sisters with which she had to live with.
Find point blank – and all this for an occasion so tragic – in the small, closed community in which it was grown and by whom he had decided to leave will force Shinpei to reckon with the shadows that cling to his past and the people of the island.
What was the reason that prompted him to leave? It might perhaps be sought in a relationship with Ushio, and My, which could assume the contours of the problematic to the serenity family? And that promise, that Shinpei made to Spec, which at this point will never have the occasion to keep? The
the shadow of the face may be more than many could ever imagine...

Hiro Mashima, Atsuo Ueda
Necklace Young, 2 volumes in progress, in July, newsstand, comic store, library, Amazon.

At the end of Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragonil and his friends had embarked on a legendary mission issued more than a hundred years ago
from Magic Dragon, the first and the oldest among the guilds of magic, situated to the north of the continent of Giltena. The master of the guild, a former dragon hunter, in order to our defeat five mythological creatures known as “The 5 Dragons Divine”, whose powers are
said to be equal to those of Acnologia!
As if that weren't enough, other adventurers are on the trail of the dragons... and it is not said that they are friendly! Start a new, exciting, and hilarious cycle of adventures for the wizards and crazy powerful we are!

Satoshi Kon
Necklace Umami, volume one, from June to the store, library, Amazon.

It is said that from time immemorial has been sealed a pact between a mermaid and the priest shinto, a village on the sea.
Keeping in secret an egg of a mermaid, is in fact ensured the prosperity of the village, thanks to fishing is always plentiful. But
the traditions will soon have to deal with progress, and with those who want to exploit the situation, in accordance with the
a new priest.
Yosuke and the protagonist of the story, nurtures, instead of the doubts about the existence of the mermaid who is said to return periodically to the village for the replacement of the egg; but soon you'll encounter mysterious events, and his feeble certainties will be gradually scalfite...

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