Star Comics, the characteristics of Edens Zero volume 1 (limited and standard)


Published on Mar 27, 2019


To follow is the official press release with all the features of the Italian edition of the first volume of Edens Zero Hiro “Fairy Tail” Mashima, Edizioni Star Comics will publish the April 30, 2019 in the double edition — regular and limited — plus a surprise for those who will purchase the volume at the stand of the publishing house perugia to Napoli Comicon.


Hiro Mashima, author of FAIRY TAIL, as well as one of the mangaka's most beloved and established in the world, is ready to be motivate and have fun again with his new, long awaited work EDENS ZERO, the arrival in Italy in April.

A manga that will take us to travel to unknown planets through the vastness of the universe. Sbarcheremo on the planet Granbell to make the knowledge of Shiki, bizarre boy growing up between the robots without having ever met a human being. Imagine what an earthquake will bring the arrival of the comely Rebecca with his funny kitten Happy!

Those are the ingredients that we have learned to love FAIRY TAIL – excitement, adventure and friendship, this time expertly immersed in the suggestive context of science fiction by the taste of a modern space opera.

The first volume of EDENS ZERO will finally be available from April 30 at the newsstand, the library, the store and Amazon.

The young Shiki lives on the planet Granbell together with the robot, animate a vast theme park. One day they came two visitors, the first to set foot on Granbell by about a century: Rebecca, a young creative digital content, and his blue cat Happy. The three are quickly agreed and the two become friends... Still don't know that this meeting will change their destinies! Hiro Mashima, the acclaimed author of Fairy Tail, and leaves the enchanted atmosphere of the famous series to embark on an incredible journey, half-way between fantasy and science fiction, the discovery of the stars and unknown planets!

The first volume of EDENS ZERO will also be released on a fantastic Limited Edition with the dust jacket, a booklet – containing a history extra and the preparatory studies of the work – and a set of 5 postcards, limited attached. The limited Edition will only be available in the store and stand at the Star Comics at the Napoli Comicon! But it does not end here: to celebrate even more worthily of this very important debut, the purchasers of the Limited Edition will receive the gift of a very exclusive mini shikishi dedicated by the master Mashima himself to his Italian readers!

Finally, one last surprise: all those who purchase the volume at our stand during the next Napoli Comicon will receive a gift of a nice brooch depicting one of the protagonists of the opera. These badges are part of a global campaign involving all the international publishers of EDENS ZERO, who have made custom versions for their own country. A unique project of which we are all proud to join. Now you too can become part of the international community of the fans of the master, Mashima!

Browse online the first pages of EDENS ZERO no. 1 at this link!



Hiro Mashima

11,5×17,5, B, b/w, pp. 192, € 4,90

Release date: 30/04/2019, newsstand, comic store, library and Amazon

Isbn 9788822613981


EDENS ZERO no. 1 Limited Edition

Hiro Mashima

11,5×17,5, B, b/w, pp. 192, € 6,90

Release date: 30/04/2019, in the comic store

Isbn 9788822614445

Source: Star Comics

Star Comics, the characteristics of Edens Zero volume 1 (limited and standard) is




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