Star Comics, the authors of the Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals to Naples Comicon, 2019


Published on Mar 08, 2019


Edizioni Star Comics announced that writer Hideyuki Furuhashi and manga Betten Court, authors of the spin-off Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals, will be attending as guests of the XXI edition of the Napoli Comicon.

The manga, launched in August of 2016 on the pages of the magazine GIGA Jump of Shueisha, is currently in the course of serialization on the Shonen Jump Plus, and consists of 6 volumes.

Edizioni Star Comics has published the first 2 volumes.


Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court, respectively, screenwriter and cartoonist of VIGILANTE – MY HERO ACADEMIA ILLEGALS, will be the guests of COMICON! In collaboration with COMICON, Edizioni Star Comics brings in Italy the authors of the acclaimed spin-off series of the japanese most popular of the last years: MY HERO ACADEMIA.

Serialized in the famous magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump" and built by master Kohei Horikoshi's MY HERO ACADEMIA is an original and compelling reinterpretation "in the key of manga", on the subject of superheroes, able to climb to the top of the best seller in Japan up to be, in 2018, second only to One Piece! VIGILANTE – MY HERO ACADEMIA ILLEGALS, it's set in the same imagined future from the master Horikoshi, a future dominated by the wide circulation of superpowers called “Quirks” and the challenges for regolamentarli. In this scenario, you move the figures in the margin of the “not chosen” – equipped with powers that are mediocre, but great desire and sense of justice – they choose to put themselves at the service of the community, lacking government permission: they are the Illegal Heroes!

The master Furuhashi, and the master Betten Court will participate in all four days of the event, signing autographs for Italian fans in the stands Edizioni Star Comics, and becoming protagonists of the events.

Star Comics, the authors of the Vigilante – My Hero Academia Illegals to Naples Comicon, 2019 is




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