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Published on Jun 28, 2018


Below are the titles of the small albums free, stapled, and autocopertinati (size 14,5 x 21 cm, 32 pages) which will be distributed on 21 and 22 September 2018 in the comics, members of the Free Comic Book Days 2018 Editions Star Comics:


DR. STONE no. 1
Riichiro Inagaki & BOICHI
In November, the comic store, library and Amazon
A giant ball of light it invests the Earth and in an instant, all human beings are petrified. Thousands of years after the planet is back to a primordial state, dominated by pristine nature. It will be up to the teenager Senku, brilliant nerd science enthusiast on awakening from his prison of rock, rebuild the human civilization, starting from zero...
A new, spectacular success from the forge of DRAGON BALL and ONE PIECE! SCIENCE POWER!

JAGAN n. 1
Muneyuki Kaneshiro & Kensuke Nishida
In October at the comic store, library and Amazon
A rain of frogs pelting from the sky! These mysterious parasites from the origin uncertain you threaten in humans and, based on the desires repressed in their subconscious, to transform them into monsters repulsive by the murderous rage! Jagasaki, a young policeman patrolling frustrated that fantastic to be able to shoot anyone who is “owned” by a parasite still in the larval stage, and because of this, it manages to maintain its rationality, despite his body begins to mutate...
A work crazy, irreverent, and shocking, that we are sure will be loved by all fans of action manga!

Mizuho Kusanagi
In September, newsstand, comic store, library and Amazon
The daughter of a king, grew up in the cotton wool, between each sort of luxury and ease, Yona is a beautiful sixteen-year-old by hair the color of dawn who sees his life overturned when the beloved cousin, with the support of the army, backs a military coup unexpectedly, killing the king and installing himself on the throne. The girl is so forced a breakaway with the general Hak, the only military invites faithful in spite of an apparent pride and insolence. Together the two will embark upon a journey in search of the “dragons protectors”, legendary figures whose support could allow the princess to take back the throne and avenge his family.
The heroine fantasy more waiting get a huge demand even in Italy!


Boo-hoo no. 1
Mathieu Sage & Djet
In November, the comic store, library and Amazon
Avid reader, Elliot loves, in particular, the stories of monsters and boo-hoo, in particular: creatures of the night lurk in the shadows, or under the beds of children, to scare them. But Elliot does not imagine that the Babau will change his life...
A witness to the violent and bloody death of her parents, the child will discover that the Babau really exist, and that their lives are regulated by a precise code. When one of the more powerful monsters ever existed, he decides to protect him, Elliot finds himself in the midst of a war between monsters, catapulted in a universe as terrifying as it is fascinating. And I will live by the protagonist.
Mathieu Sage, and Djet reinvent themselves as a “mythology of childhood” with a horror story, an initiatory path toward the acceptance of fear and pain. An adventure touching and fantastic, with a graphic look that is modern, that gives a nod both to the comics than the anime.


Jean-David Morvan, Pierre Alary, Vincent Brugeas & Ronan Toulhoat
2 unique volumes in October at the comic store, library and Amazon
A new series of adventures dedicated to the hero (Conan, the fruit of the comics adaptation of the famous novels of Robert E. Howard. In this album the preview of the first two stories of this series:

– QUEEN OF THE BLACK COAST: prosecuted for having killed a judge, Conan finds refuge at the last minute by embarking on a merchant ship. But, after a while, the cimmero and his new teammates will have to face a threat: the pirates of the legendary Bêlit, the female devil of the Sea, self-styled queen of the black Coast. After a fight exhausting, the woman sees in Conan that have always waited for: a pirate-king that leads his men to glory.

– BLACK COLOSSUS: settled in the city of Khoraja, Conan tries his luck at the service of the mercenaries of Amalric. In expectation of the battle, leads the classic life of a soldier, drinking and lounging to the taverns. The fate reaches him, one evening, when by chance he meets Yesmala, princess of the kingdom. The woman had seen Conan in a dream: the gods have designated as the general who must lead his army against the demonic hordes of the sorcerer Nathok. From a simple soldier, the barbarian becomes the last hope of the kingdom.


ETERNITY vol. only
Matt Kindt, Trevor Hairsine, Ryan Winn And David Baron
In December at the comic store, library and Amazon
Beyond the barriers of our reality... beyond the boundaries of human understanding... a universe of beings immensely powerful and advanced civilizations to have evolved in parallel to our... but what links this strange plane of existence to ours? And what they want and its majestic inhabitants, with the son of Abram Adams, the inhabitant of the Earth, now called the Diviniy? To find out, Abram and his partner, Myshka, must enter into the infinite realm of Eternity... and meet the Unknown himself!
From the pen of star Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR), with the drawings of the extraordinary Trevor Hairsine (DIVINITY), one of the most visionary stories and extraordinary, in the vein of “space” of the house Valiant.

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