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Published on Feb 14, 2020


4 MARCH 2020

Akira Toriyama, Masatoshi Kusakabe
14,5×21, B, 208 pp, b/w, with flaps, with miniposter color, € 15,00
After the end of the Tournament of Power, Goku and Vegeta are training day and night to become stronger. Suddenly receive the visit of the Freezer, back from the underworld, accompanied by a mysterious Saiyan called Broly. Thus began an epic and spectacular battle between the three Saiyan warriors!
Finally, at the exit of the novel of the epic battle between three mighty Saiyan warriors!

Koi Ikeno
11,5×17,5, B, 240 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 5,90
Ranze Eto would seem to be a normal student of the second media with the hots for his companion of tour, but hides a “little” secret: she has a father vampire and a mother werewolf, as well as the absolute prohibition of falling in love with a human! What would happen if one day, accidentally, gave you a bite of his rival in love, and his latent powers you catch?!
Invaghitosi of Ranze at first sight, the prince Aron is transferred to the human world to get close to her and, blinded by his own sentiments, he commanded the Moors to kill Shun! While Ranze, in the dark, engages in the study to be able to stay in class with her beloved Shun, his father is urged to act...

of Rumiko Takahashi
14,5×21, B, 384 pp, b/n e col., with flaps, € 9,95
For some reason, However, Several ends to call continually upon him all manner of evil. One day, the aliens from the appearance of the oni arrive on Earth to conquer it, offering, however, to land a chance of salvation: if one of them, chosen randomly, will fail to touch it within ten days the horns of the young and charming Story, the daughter of the head of the oni, the planet will be saved! Needless to say, to be chosen to participate in the competition will be Love, whose destiny is to make a further leap towards the bad luck...
The fifth year of the era Keicho. Musashi Miyamoto part from his village to become a celebrity across the country. In his travels, he meets Kojiro Sasaki and, unfortunately, also in However, Several... it Takes a bizarre trip to Japan made of binge eating for free! Also for the princess Kurama, the gears of fate are set in motion: constrained by the law that requires it to mate with the man who gave the kiss of awakening, i.e. of Love, is firmly resolved not to give herself to him, and then falls back into sleep, hoping sooner or later to be awakened by someone else. Will be able to realize his burning desire?!

YOUNG, 310
Hiro Mashima, Atsuo Ueda
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,50
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Natsu, Lucy, Happy and their friends have decided to embark on the mission of the hundred years, a legendary tenure that the foundation of the guilds of mages no one has ever managed to bring to an end! On the continent that they step for the first time, they stumble upon a mysterious town in a deity is incomprehensible, and in a group of enemies disturbing...
The adventure continues!
Continued the extremely violent battle against the Dragon, the Divine Water is now out of control, started in the port city of Elmina. The powers of the dragon are daunting and Natsu and her are tight, when suddenly someone bursts onto the scene and, suddenly, the situation changes dramatically. In the meantime, during the absence of the our, something ominous is also happening to Fairy Tail...

of Kohei Horikoshi
11,5×17,5, B, 208 pp, b/n, € 4,30
Also in newsstand
In a world where being a superhero is normal, born without any special powers is the equivalent of a real disgrace! Izuku Midoriya to go all out to get a superpower, and in spite of the feat seems impossible, someone will eventually notice his skills...
During the last set, something goes wrong and Midoriya is in danger of losing control of a strange power that flowed from One for All... Fortunately, Shinso and Uraraka intervene and managed to calm him, but not before the heir of Allmight has made a very close and personal with one of the predecessors! However, there is no time to relax, because on the training field opens up a scrum from which it is impossible to understand who will be the winner. Who will be better between the sections A and B?

UP 194
of Kyousuke Motomi
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,50
The members of the family Horikita, make a craft, and strange: they are “ripulitori” of the soul, dealing with that is to cleanse away impurities from the hearts of the people. Smoke starts to help them and moved to the home where he is appreciated for his skills. At a certain point, however, she begins to awaken a mysterious power that makes it a “black Queen”, a being able to exercise an enormous power over the people!
What is the truth about the great disease of the gate Byakko, which occurred ten years before? Apparently, had involved both the white Queen, the serpent of the silver sea, in addition to the parents of Kyutaro. The mystery and the memory, once sealed, are united in one and the same, and Kyutaro is to squeeze between the arms of a Smoke, trembling...

of Nakaba Suzuki
11,5×17,5, B, 208 pp, b/n, € 4,30
On the Seven Deadly Sins bears the stain of the slander: they would attempt to overthrow the kingdom subverting the established order. Forced underground, they are therefore separated. Ten years later, however, princess Elizabeth, convinced of their innocence, puts you on their trail to recruit against the order of the Knights of the Sacred revealed to be a cruel enemy of the people...
Estarossa of the Ten Commandments was Mael of the Four Archangels, and now that he has taken the consciousness of his crimes bloodthirsty and only want revenge. Against the powerful opponent, therefore, has the beginning of an air battle in which the sacred and the demonic are confused. In the meantime, a Ban, Meliodas and Wild, in search of an escape from Purgatory, something happens that is unexpected...

MARCH 11, 2020

Tim Seeley, Brett Booth
17×26, B, 112 pp, color, € 8,90
Bloodshot is a super-soldier powered nanites, continuously on the field of battle. But what happens to the world when you begin to choose and fight his personal wars? The echo of the missions of Bloodshot spread, and now about him has stood out in the dark shadow of the Black Bar. What new machinations will be faced with our indestructible hero?

of Naoko Takeuchi
14,5×21, B, 390 pp, b/n e col., cover with holographic, with flaps, € 14,90
Finally came the long-awaited Eternal Edition of the adventures of Sailor Moon, a publication of the highest quality, extremely faithful to the original, composed by volumes of large format, pages printed in five colors!
Defeated the evil Phantom Lord and gathered all together, Sailor moon – including the new entry in the Chibi Moon – return to the life of the common students. Still do not suspect that their new-found peace will soon be undermined by a new danger... but this time come the reinforcements!

DASH best friend – GIGI LA TROTTOLA 6 (of 9)
of Noboru Rokuda
14,5×21, B, 356 pp, b/n e col., with jacket, € 8,00
Resenting kappei Sakamoto, a student in the first year of Seirin high, he joined the basketball team at school for the love of a pair of white panties. The fact that it is very low as well as completely untrained in the rules of the game do not seem to be a problem, since his irrepressible energy, and his agility can make him overcome any limit. Despite the efforts of the coach and teammates to keep him at bay, however, his main interest continue to be the girls!
The high school Sakura continues to give a hard time to Seirin, who do not believe the incredible talent of his opponents. There is now only one man who can save the fate of the game: lost in her world of whiteness, the fact of the panties and images of Akane, best friend will give a new, surprising direction to the game (not just basketball!)...

BIG 51
Hiro Mashima
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/w, with flaps, € 4,30
Also in newsstand
Here is a new edition of the mint of the highly acclaimed work of the master Mashima, thanks to an in-depth review of the contents will make your reading an unusual, surprising adventure! The business of the guild, the more wacky and fun than ever before, restart from zero!
After having stopped the boot of Face, Fairy Tail goes on the offensive! However, someone followed the battle in the shadows... it Is an individual extremely dangerous, with such power as to be able to turn the tide of the fight! A new threat threatens the existence of the guild and the world of magic...

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