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to Eiichirō Oda
11,5×17,5, B, 288 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 6,90
In the library and the comic store

To all the fans of One Piece, hear hear! Is coming the second volume of " One Piece Doors!, the exceptional collection of the openings of the chapter of the legendary series created by the brilliant mind of the master Oda!
Already, because in the illustrations that open up the various chapters in the manga, it hides a real treasure: in addition to the hilarious skits that depict the members of the Straw Hat crew grappling with a myriad of animals and funny situations, there is also, exceptionally collected in the volume, the famous “miniavventure”, that will give you the opportunity to follow the tortuous paths taken by the various secondary characters away from the spotlight in the main series, discovering parts of the world of One Piece that no one had ever told him. Without forgetting the very rich sections of study in order to know everything about the characters, facts and events of the Era of Piracy!

of Rumiko Takahashi
14,5×21, B, 368 pp, b/n e col., with flaps, € 9,95
In the library and the comic store

For some reason, However, Several ends to call continually upon him all manner of evil. One day, the aliens from the appearance of the oni arrive on Earth to conquer it, offering, however, to land a chance of salvation: if one of them, chosen randomly, will fail to touch it within ten days the horns of the young and charming Story, the daughter of the head of the oni, the planet will be saved! Needless to say, to be chosen to participate in the competition will be Love, whose destiny is to make a further leap towards the bad luck...

A strange package is delivered to the family home Several: inside there is none other than Ten, the cousin of the Story! Able to emit fire from his mouth, the little “gentleman”, the self-styled playboy, will make the atmosphere red-hot, putting in turmoil the district Tomobiki. We'll then move to the distant and refined era, Heian, where... well, obviously, it will happen to all the colors! Can that gag, explosive, and ancient japanese culture to marry so well?!

Hiro Mashima, Atsuo Ueda
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,50

Natsu, Lucy, Happy and their friends have decided to embark on the mission of the hundred years, a legendary tenure that the foundation of the guilds of mages no one has ever managed to bring to an end! On the continent that they step for the first time, they stumble upon a mysterious town in a deity is incomprehensible, and in a group of enemies disturbing...

The adventure continues!

To the north of Ishgar, in the continent of Giltena, Natsu and her have met the Dragon, the Divine Water, by the good heart, but tormented because of their powers and now out of control. To protect it from the Dragon Eater who wish to take possession of his magic, our not hesitate to engage in a deadly battle, but the supreme God of the Water it has already been seen to subtract the powers, and to have it done, behind the scenes, is none other than... a member of Fairy Tail?!

of Kohei Horikoshi
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,30

In a world where being a superhero is normal, born without any special powers is the equivalent of a real disgrace! Izuku Midoriya to go all out to get a superpower, and in spite of the feat seems impossible, someone will eventually notice his skills...

Between the classes A and B of section Hero during a fierce session of combat training of the group. Students of section B, that unlike To have had the opportunity to practice in peace and for a longer period of time, have improved a lot in the use of the Quirks and have developed special moves, incredible!!! For its part, the section A can play the card of the experience in the field, for how troubled the school year that has lived has allowed us to bridge some of the gaps in their own education. Who will win, the experience or the training constant? As if that wasn't enough, Midoriya will have to replay Shinso, the same student who, during the Festival of Sport, had caused the rise of those strange visions from the recesses of the One for All...

UP 191
MY LOVE STORY!! 11 (of 13)
of before being born Kawahara, Aruko
11,5×17,5, B, 192 pp, b/n, € 4,50
In the library and the comic store

Takeo Goda is attending the first year of high school and is convinced of not being able to pleasure the girls because of his stature (two metres to one hundred and twenty pounds). Every time that he falls in love, all end up to be interested to the beautiful Sunakawa, his childhood friend. However, someone thinks different...

Lately, Takeo feels the new sensations against Yamato. To chase away the morbid desires that haunt him, the beefy high school will submit to the strict training. But it is in Hokkaido, where he went on a school trip, that is waiting for the hardest test, given that the programs of their classes match!

of Nakaba Suzuki
11,5×17,5, B, 256 pp, b/w, with dust jacket, € 5,90
In the library and the comic store

The unmistakable pencil of the master Nakaba Suzuki, the author of the acclaimed series The Seven Deadly Sins, Star Comics has the pleasure to present a volume that is a treasure chest full of treasures: seven stories of episodic, seven gems united by a captivating style and an irresistible humor. Between princesses, knights, scholars, cooked, teen, cowgirls, skaters, martial arts experts and farmers, there really is something for all tastes! Among other things, you will find two stories of episodic related to the two previous series of the author: Blizzard Axel and Ultra Red! Sports, action, love, comedy... A taste of the colorful world of the great master Suzuki!


Joshua Dysart, Jonathan Dumont, Alberto Ponticelli, Pat Masioni
17×26, B, 128 pp, col., hardcover, € 14,90
In the library and the comic store

The World Food Programme (WFP) is the agency of food relief from the UN, as well as the largest humanitarian organization in the world: it gives assistance to more than 90 million people in 83 Countries.

This volume recounts the everyday life of those who live in Iraq, South Sudan and Chad, and those who live and work there, to help the natives of some of the most conflictual in the world.
An intense and touching, that explores the situation of the three regions in the grave humanitarian crisis, through the eyes of someone who lives and works in site.

of Naoko Takeuchi
14,5×21, B, 340 pp, b/n e col., cover with holographic, with flaps, € 14,90
In the library and the comic store

Finally came the long-awaited Eternal Edition of the adventures of Sailor Moon, a publication of the highest quality, extremely faithful to the original, composed by volumes of large format, pages printed in five colors!

Together with the found companions, Sailor Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, our paladin of justice faces his first enemies, the Four kings of Heaven to the service of the terrible Queen Metallia. Now, however, it can also count on the help of Sailor Venus, the leader of the warriors the protectors of the princess, whose entry into the scene brings back memories, so far, dormant...

of Hirohiko Araki
15×21, hardcover, 348 pp, b/n e col., € 15,90
In the library and the comic store

The great saga of the Bizarre Adventures of JoJo starts again from the first, fantastic series that has given way to the epic battle between good and evil is born from the mind of the genius Hirohiko Araki! This must-have edition, large format, hardcover with color pages, collects the entire series of Phantom Blood in three volumes from the collection, and output, respectively, in October, November and December.

God is a refugee in the village of Wind Knights Lot for the purpose of gathering a monstrous army of zombies by taking control of all the inhabitants of the place. In the meantime, JoJo faces in a deadly melee, the knights revived Bruford and Tarkus, fearsome fighters, but to defeat them will have to pay a very high price... Will the heroic Jonathan to stop the ambitious aims of the ruthless half-brother?

of Hirohiko Araki
15×21, B, 240 pp, color and b/w, with dust jacket, € 11,00
In the library and the comic store

The presence of Hirohiko Araki in the next edition of the Lucca Comics & Games is an event that makes particularly proud Star Comics, which aims to greet the exceptional participation of the master, at the festival with the re-release of some of the works of the onset of his artistic career, with four libraries now unavailable that will be made available again in a fantastic edition for this special occasion. Take the plunge you into the strange universe of Hirohiko Araki!

In this splendid collection, the master Araki shows us a style now mature both as regards the drawing and the structure and atmosphere of the narrative of the story




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