Star Comics, outbound, JoJo – Wind Gold Starter Pack


Published on Dec 04, 2018


Below is the official press release on the publication of box manga Wind Gold Starter Pack by Edizioni Star Comics:

To celebrate the release of the fifth season of the animated de THE BIZARRE ADVENTURES OF JOJO, Edizioni Star Comics re-proposes in a new box, the first 4 volumes of the comic series: ideal for anyone wanting to retrieve the story arc set in Italy of the saga generation's most famous and long-lived of Japan; in the inside, in addition, an exclusive postcard, a limited edition. What more do you want? It's difficult to know... so hurry up to grab the WIND in the GOLD STARTER PACK, available in the store and the library from 5 December!

Jotaro Kujo has sent you on a mission Koichi Hirose in " the Beautiful Country so that he may investigate on a mysterious boy by the name of Haruno Shiobana. The latter, in fact, may hide a past that is nothing short of shocking...

Hiroiko Araki is an artist japanese born in Sendai, in Miyagi prefecture, in 1960. Approcciatosi from a child to the realization of the manga, after the beginning that labour wins the prize Tezuka in 1980 with the single volume BUSO POKER. His greatest work, the saga of THE BIZARRE ADVENTURES OF JOJO, started in 1986 and is still in continuation. Recognized as one of the greatest mangaka of all time, he has collaborated with the Louvre Museum and the fashion house Gucci. Two of her passions, expressed in his works, are the rock music and the Italian culture.

Among the works of Hiroiko Araki published in Italy by Edizioni Star Comics, we recall the unique volumes THUS SPOKE ROHAN KISHIBE and SCREW OUTLANDISH PEOPLE ECCENTRIC.

Hiroiko Araki
4 vols., 13×18 each). B, b/n, € 20,00
Release date: 05/12/2018, in the store and the library
Isbn 9788822612717

Star Comics, outbound, JoJo – Wind Gold Starter Pack is




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