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Published on Nov 04, 2017


We bring you all the news announced by Edizioni Star Comics in the course of the conference of Lucca Comics 2017 “Journey to the east: new manga 2017/2018 Edizioni Star Comics – All the news from the manga, provided by Star Comics for the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018”, among which we recommend the new series “Umami – The Authentic Taste of Japan” and dedicated to the manga author.

Cells at Work! – Work in the body (Hataraku saibo)
Of Akane Shimizu
5 vols., ongoing, bi-monthly
Paperback – 13 x 18 – color and B/w
Available from march at newsstands, comic book store, library, Amazon

The life in a metropolis is not as easy as it may seem. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and every service can be provided without problems, it is necessary that all the components of society, each in their respective roles, carry out their duties with precision and punctuality, tirelessly. But not only that: a metropolis, with its wealth and its mouth-watering resources, inevitably ends with the victim of attempts of looting and aggression external, and to respond promptly to these assaults must be equipped with efficient and powerful defence forces. The metropolis of this story is... the human body, and his indomitable forces of defence are the white blood cells!

Cells at Work tells the story of the functioning of the human body in the form of the adventures experienced by the characters anthropomorphic, as did a famous French cartoon of the nineties; but in “key manga”, and with an approach that is less “teaching” and more fresh and modern, mixing the irreverent irony to the action and fights are worthy of the greatest classic shonen!

Serialized from 2015, on the monthly magazine "Shonen Sirius" by Kodansha, Cells at Work currently has 5 volumes, has given rise to two spin-offs, and is fruity on the author, Akane Shimizu, novice, numerous honourable mentions and awards.

Fairy Tail S – Short Stories (Id)
Hiro Mashima
2 vols., ended, bi-monthly
Paperback – 11,5 x 17,5 – B/N
Available from march 2018 at the newsstand, comic store, library, Amazon

What would happen if Natsu, Lucy & Co., they Were normal high school students? And if they were all at the spa together? And if they encounter their doppelgangers? And what future awaits the various “couples” were formed in the guild of Fairy Tail? Let's find out with this hilarious mini-series of stories extra made by master Hiro Mashima in person!

Fairy Tail S consists of 2 volumes come out in 2016, and it collects all the short stories and extras made by the author during the serialization of the regular series.

One Piece Gold: The Movie – Anime Comics (Id)
To Eiichirō Oda
2 vols., concluded, monthly
Paperback with dust jacket – 11,5 x 17,5 – color
Available from April 2018 at the newsstand, comic store, library, Amazon

Luffy and his crew dock in the giant city-ship, self-governed Great Treasure, the kingdom of luxury, dissolution, and gambling. Lasciatisi tempted by the allure of the game, and intoxicated by the wins easy, they end up falling prey to Gild the Treasury, the controversial master of the city-ship. Among the revelations, flashbacks, new and old characters, it is again time to engage in battle!

One Piece Gold: The Movie – Anime Comics is taken from the eponymous animated movie blockbuster of 2016, the history of which is recounted in two fascinating volumes in full colour.

Life from slime (Tensei shitara slime datta ken)
Fuse, Taiki Kawakami
5 vols., ongoing, bi-monthly
Paperback with dust jacket – 13 x 18 – B/N
Available from April in the comic store, library, Amazon

The designs of karma, at times, inscrutable. Give the life to try to rescue a friend in danger should be an action full of positive karma, and to allow us, in the next life, reincarnarci in a higher being. But then why is Satoru, the average thirty-seven japanese unlucky in love, finds himself in the tablets of... a slime? And more blind, deaf, and devoid of taste and smell!!! Fortunately, in the alternate world in which he found the slime “feed” of magic, and through magic you can easily remedy the many – but, in fact, apparent physical impediments. Gaining the respect of creatures more powerful and influential thanks to his intelligence and cunning, Satoru, now renamed Rimuru, maybe he will finally achieve the success and fortune that are missed when he played the role of the human being...

Based on a series of light novels of great success and superbly drawn by the talented Taiki Kawakami, Slime is a fresh and exciting reinvention of the fantasy genre classic, which Japan has been able to become both among the critics and in the sales charts.
Is serialized by 2015 in the monthly magazine "Shonen Sirius" by Kodansha, and is currently composed of 5 booklets.

Tsubasa: WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – Nirai-Kanai (Id)
3 vols., ended, bi-monthly
Paperback – 11,5 x 17,5 – B/N
Available from January 2018 at the comic store, library, Amazon

Tomoyo is able to free Sakura from the spell that sigillava his memory, but the price to pay was having to separate again from her, continuing his journey to the interdimensional. Together with the “inseparable” Kurogane, Fay and Mokona, Tomoyo so begins a new adventure in the world of Mirai-Nakai, who, according to ancient japanese legend, is the place where he would have had the source of life...
A direct Sequel to Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and yet another work of success the quartet fumettiste the world's most famous – CLAMP, Tsubasa: WoRLD CHRoNiCLE – Nirai-Kanai is serialized state from 2014 to 2016 in the monthly magazine "Magazine Special" Kodansha, and later collected in 3 volumes.

Yona is the princess and scarlet (Akatsuki no Yona)
Of Mizuho Kusanagi
24 vols., ongoing, monthly
Paperback – 11,5 x 17,5 – B/N
Available from march at newsstands, comic book store, library, Amazon

The daughter of an emperor, and grew up in the cotton wool, between each sort of luxury and ease, Yona, a beautiful sixteen-year-old by the hair of the color of the dawn, sees his life disrupted when the beloved cousin, with the support of the army, backs a military coup unexpectedly, killing a nun and settled on the throne. The girl is so forced a breakaway with the general I Know Hak, the only military invites faithful in spite of an apparent pride and insolence. Together to face a journey in search of the “dragons protectors”, legendary figures whose support could enable it to take back the throne and avenge his family.

Yona the princess scarlet is a shojo manga fantasy adventure of great international success, where the beautiful drawings of the teacher, Kusanagi, detailed and evocative, corresponds to a structured plot, exciting, and full of characters from overflowing charisma. For these and other reasons, Yona can be considered, in many ways, as the ideal successor of the famous Fushigi Yugi.
Yona the princess scarlet is serialized since 2009 in the magazine "Hana to yume" of the publishing house Hakusensha, and it currently consists of 24 volumes.

Necklace Umami – The Authentic Taste of Japan

Comic? – Atsushi Kaneko Extra Works (Id)
Of Atsushi Kaneko
1 vol. special
Paperback with flaps – 15 x 21 – color and B/w
Available from march at the comic store, library, Amazon

Travel in the worlds and in stories, the “content” in the tattoos of a series of varied and divergent female characters; stories of broken lives, consumed, or never really started; lysergic evolutions, existential, starting from the depths of the Universe, must be piroettando up to squeeze in the alleys more lurid and crumbling of the iconic city. All the art grungy and “underground” by the master Atsushi Kaneko elevated to the nth power!!

Comic? – Atsushi Kaneko Extra Works collects in an elegant monograph, originally published in Japan in 2016 from the publisher Enterbrain, a series of short stories produced by the author over a period of 10 years and published in different magazines.

Fragment of Horror (Ma no kakera)
By Junji Ito
1 vol. special
Paperback with dust jacket – 15 x 21 – B/N
Available from may 2018 at the comic store, library, Amazon

Beautiful and haunting collection of short stories united by a common thread of presenting male protagonists are weak and disadvantaged prey, of monsters, ghosts and hallucinations in the form of women.

By junji Ito is one of the greatest masters of japanese horror and comics tout court. The author is incredibly prolific, which combines a graphics extremely elegant and charming extraordinary gifts as a storyteller. His stories speak of the subconscious and ancestral fears, and directly affect the stomach of the reader in a way that is irrational and almost instinctive.
Fragment of horror is one of the most recent collections of short stories made by master Ito for the publisher Asahi Sonorama.

Gyo – Smell of death (Id)
By Junji Ito
2 vols., concluded, monthly
Paperback with dust jacket – 13 x 18 – B/N
Available from June 2018 to the store, library, Amazon




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