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Published on Nov 23, 2019


After the unboxing, we propose the review of the Stanley Kubrick Limited Edition Movie Collection is available from 14 November for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Italy.

This new box that contains the film's main visionary director blu-ray, including the versions 4K to the two films mentioned above, the documentary A Life in Pictures DVD, enriched by postcards and booklets of various films.

An edition really elegant and prestigious, not overly large, and then occupying too much space in a library. The thing that surprises most of the box set is not the quality of the content, already present in previous editions of the box sets were also issued in Italy on the film of the cult, to which are added editions in 4K, the two films – 2001: a Space Odyssey and the Shining – which has been done a commendable job of remastered.

Rather, it affects the aesthetic quality of the package, curated down to the finest detail and that should be to unify the previous outputs. The outer packaging – as well as the envelope “Archive” inner – play with the titles of the films to form the surname of the director (and inside, in fact the word “Archive”). On the outside, in addition to the “K” of “Kubrick”, on the one side are depicted the symbols in a minimalist, represent each of the film of the film-maker, on the other, are instead depicted the titles of the same in their iconic font.

Opening the elegant packaging, a mini-hour of unmatched each containing one of the films, including the documentary “A Life in Pictures” and the famous “Archive”. All perfectly uniform, even in the screen printing of the discs that are contained in the individual packages. The hour of unmatched are embellished on the inside by a quote from the movie in the space in front of the disks and on another page from an image with the protagonists of the film. On the back-cover of every hour of unmatched are reported in the synopsis and the disc contents – audio, video, extras – always aesthetically uniform in the box.

In the Archive is the content of the booklet with a statement of the same Kubrick, and a collection of images from the set of the film contained in the box set. Along with the booklet there are 7 cards for 7 films, on the one hand with the same cover of the box almost as if it were a deck of cards, and the posters for historical films, cult.

In summary, the box set contains:

Lolita adapted from the novel of Nabokov, who was also the author of the screenplay, which earned him a Nomination for the Oscar, the cult classic a clockwork Orange, 4 Nominations at the academy Awards and the last film of the director, Eyes Wide Shut, starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Milestones of the genre cinema: from the Shining, adapted from a novel of Stephen King with Jack Nicholson entered in the olympus of the bad guys of horror, the hell of the Vietnam war Full Metal Jacket (nominated to an Oscar Award) to one of the sci-fi film, the most important ever, 2001: a Space Odyssey, which earned Kubrick his only Oscar (for Special Effects). Finally, the historical drama Barry Lyndon, a film, a visually revolutionary who has won 4 Oscar Awards.

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