Stand By Me Doraemon: announced the sequel of the movie – teaser video, visual and data output


Published on Dec 12, 2019


TOHO has announced that Stand by Me Doraemon, the movie in computer graphics 2014, enjoy a sequel, titled Stand By Me Doraemon 2, which will debut in cinemas of Japan on August 7, 2020.

Ryuichi Yagi, and Takashi Yamazaki (Dragon Quest in Your Story) will return to direct the film after the experience of the previous one, also this time Yamazaki will take care of the screenplay.

The story of the film will be largely based on the short movie Doraemon – Obachan no Omoide (memories of grandmother) of the year 2000 will present many original features such as the love story between Shizuka and Nobita has already been treated in the previous Stand by Me Doraemon movie.

Below is the video of the ad:

And the poster:

In Italy, the Stand by Me Doraemon is being distributed by Lucky Red, with the title Doraemon The Movie:

Nobita is a child of 10 years destined to a future of failure because of his nature lazy, indolent. To avoid that it becomes a real loser, comes to his rescue Doraemon, a sort of “big brother” with the task to help him defend himself from bullies Gian and Suneo and become a kid in a wise, sensible and a responsible adult.

In order to achieve this, Doraemon uses a series of incredible and magical gadgets, the “chiusky”, which on this occasion will lead the cat blue and the small Nobita in the future to try to change a fate that promises to be not just happy, especially on the sentimental side... Will Nobita to finally take Shizuka, the sweet friend that loves to always and to never let themselves be swayed by Gian and Suneo?

In March 2020, however, will the new 2D film in the series.

Stand By Me Doraemon: announced the sequel of the movie – teaser video, visual and data output is




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