Spotify accused of breaking the copyrights of the different artists


Published on Dec 30, 2015


David Lowery, a musician among the most critical towards the services of music streaming in general, has sued Spotify for copyright infringement, since the platform does not monitorerebbe correctly the audio streams and does not pay the right royalties to many artists.

Lowery hopes that his complaint may be shared by many other artists and turn into a Class Action against Spotify, guilty of not properly monitor the audio streams and don't pay the correct way some of their artists. Among other things, it seems that Spotify has repeatedly confirmed that the problem exists and that not all audio streams streaming are monitored correctly, making lost earnings to the artists. The request is $ 150 million.

For the musician, the behavior of Spotify is a “continuous, constant and deliberate violation of copyright and license Mechanical that allows you to play all songs protected by copyright“. In a few words, Spotify doesn't pay properly many of the artists and the company is aware of the problem.

Among other things, the same Spotify has confirmed some days ago that he is working on a new algorithm for the management of the royalties, so to solve each type of problem. This, however, is not enough for Lowery is the time to condemn Spotify, seen that, according to its estimates would not have paid the license equal to $ 25 million, and only to improperly detect the audio streams.

A representative of the company has confirmed that the problem exists, but defends himself: “Unfortunately, particularly in the United States, the data to confirm the owners of the related rights of the author are often erroneous or incomplete. When it is not immediately clear who is entitled to the royalties, we take loans and we are in debt up to when we are not able to confirm the identity of the rightsholder”.


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