Sports Illustrated, special costumes with three of a kind aces (and forms)

Published on Feb 18, 2016

The revolution goes for the curvy model on the cover. Ashley Graham was already seen in a number of swimwear of Sport Illustrated , but not in its opening. From the editors point out: “beauty is not a mold for the cookies” and it sounds good on this celebration of the pleasant variety of forms. You are also muscular, with the presence of a Ronda Rousey getting more out of the ring and in favour of the room.

Fullscreen01/07 @theashleygraham on Instagram02/07 @rondarousey on Instagram03/07 @rondarousey on Instagram04/07 @haileyclauson on Instagram05/07 The three covers06/07 @theashleygraham on Instagram07/07 @haileyclauson on Instagram

Here dares even a nude trompe-l-oeil because what she is wearing is not a chastened costume whole, but an imperceptible bodypainting. Third, but less on the lips of all, as the most faithful to the tradition and to the models that came before her, Hailey Clauson. Three strong women three covers that suit everyone.


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