Spider-Verse: arrival in two spin-off on Only, and Wolf-Man?


Published on Mar 20, 2020


The Spider-Verse Sony is more productive than ever, considering the development of Venom 2 and Morbius, which will be added, obviously, the two films of Spider-Man and Venom already out.

The list, however, seems destined to grow: according to what reported by The Illuminerdi, Sony is reportedly developing two spin-off stand-alone dedicated Only and Wolf-Man.

The two projects are still in the phase of embryonic, but the sources seem to be the same as that, previously, have talked about the beginning of the concrete possibility of a film on Morbius.

Only, created by David Michelinie and Marc Silvestri in 1986 and appeared for the first time in Web of Spider-Man”#19, is the alter ego of James Bourne, an ex - member of team anti-terrorist NATO Omega Strike.

Because of some microchip impiantategli in the brain, is capable of teletrasportars; the more times he faced Spider-Man the Sinister Six, showing his skill in the use of the sword and weapons.

Man-Wolf is, instead, the alter ego of John Jameson, and was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The most “senior” Only, (first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man ’63) is an astronaut in the service of NASA.

During a mission, his body blends in with a gem from another dimension that, once returned to Earth, transforms his body into the Man-Wolf by reacting to the light of the Moon. The character has already appeared on the big screen in Spider-Man 2, played by Daniel Gillies.

Spider-Verse: arrival in two spin-off on Only, and Wolf-Man? is




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