Spider-Man: Tom Holland talks about a possible tv series and a Peter homosexual


Published on Sep 05, 2019


The break-up between Marvel Studios and Sony makes uncertain the future of the Spider-Man of Tom Holland, who also appeared to be very appreciated by the fans; while the horizon of Spider-Man is becoming more and more nebulous, is the same actor to launch the hypothesis of a hijacking of the character on the small screen, with a tv series.

In a video with GQ, in response to some questions from fans, Tom Holland opened the possibility of a television project, in response to a question from a fan on the subject: “you Might not need to wait so long”. The comment of Holland closes here, opening up the possibility of a future in television, as well as a change in the sexuality of the character in the future: “I Think it would be a way for progressive to reinterpret a character, then yes, I think and hope that you can see a Spider-Man homosexual, and I hope I can be part of this possible representation”.

The difference with the previous interpretations, that would make her Spider-Man one, it would be for the plaintiff for the period of the life of Peter is presented: “my Spider-Man is perhaps more interesting than the previous because is explored at a crucial moment in its growth, adolescence. The path becomes wider, if it was presented as a hero format, I think there would be gained of the limitations on the stories to tell.

In a written interview, always to GQ, the actor has tried to define the current situation of Spider-Man:”I am Not ashamed to say how many have been fantastic for the last five years in the Marvel universe,” says Holland, “I have a dream, both as a person and as an actor. The same Sony has been fantastic in my comparisons, the success of Spider-Man: Far From Home is the witness of their support, their ability and their commitment. The future of Spidey is all in the hands of Sony, but I have to be grateful for the friendships made in the course of this path.

The friction between Marvel and Sony have started prior to the final rupture of the agreement: according to what was previously reported by Jay Washington of the Collider, it would have been originally present in the Venom of a scene with Peter Parker (Tom Holland), readily, however, is made remove from the Marvel.

“Tom Holland has filmed a scene for Venom, but Marvel just has seen it has been told to remove it, pull off the Peter,” says Washington.

Currently, there are two other films scheduled for Spider-Man but, unless something changes in the near future, Kevin Feige will not take the creative guidance of those movies as he did with the previous two films. These are the words of the president of Marvel Studios on the purpose of the collaboration: “I Feel gratitude and joy for Spider-Man,” the words to Entertainment Weekly, “We have made five films within the MCU with Spider-Man: two independent films, and three with the Avengers. It was a dream that I never thought that could happen. It was never meant to last forever. We knew that there was a limited amount of time in which we would have been able to do this, and we told the story we wanted to tell, and I will always be grateful for that.”

Spider-Man: Tom Holland talks about a possible tv series, and Peter gay of




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