Spider-Man: Sony and Disney working on a new agreement?


Published on Aug 24, 2019


As you know Disney and Sony at the beginning of the week have interrupted the negotiations about their collaboration for the franchise of Spider-Man. The House of Mouse had asked for a division of 50% of the profits for all future Spider-Man movie – a jump of 45% compared to the first – and Sony inevitably had refused.

But according to a new report from Variety, the negotiations started at the beginning of the year, about six months ago. Variety, then, says that Tom Rothman, head of Sony Pictures, was willing to grant more than 25% of the profits, and welcome officially to the House of Mouse as a partner in exchange for collaboration of Feige. As we all know, Disney has refused.

However, it seems that the will to come to an agreement is not coming less: the YouTube channel of the Lords of the Long Box, in fact, referring to its sources, Marvel have confirmed that Disney and Sony would be working on a new agreement, which not only Spidey would be in the MCU, but Tom Holland just six of the part for at least six films, with an option for a seventh.

Three of these will constitute a second trilogy for Peter Parker in the Netherlands, which will follow the life of the university after the high school diploma. It seems that the series may refer in any way to the classic animated series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. The other two movies would be Avengers 5 and 6, which presumably will be the first of the second trilogy and will show the meeting with Johnny Storm for the first time.

The new agreement would include also a TV series with Spidey produced by Sony. Also, Venom could also be inserted in the MCU as part of the agreement, that would certainly be interesting.

In any case, the sources indicate that Disney hopes to have resolved the catch in time for the panel of D23 of the 24 August, so we should find out soon enough if there is any confirmation.

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