Spider-Man: Morbius, and Blade?

Published on Jul 06, 2017

Spider-man: Homecoming arrives in theaters today, but director Jon Watts is already thinking about the possible villain of the following

While in these hours is to arrive in Italian cinemas Spider-Man: Homecoming, the film shows the Tessiragnatele in the MCU after the quick step Captain America: Civil War, director Jon Watts (the strength of excellent reviews and collections ), already seems to be projected towards a possible second episode, which already has the mind of a potential villain!

Among the papabili in the role of villain, Watts seems to be interested in Morbius, a character belonging to that group of character Marvel related to the context of horror. Michael Morbius was a scientist who in an attempt to cure a rare blood disease ended up getting similar to those commonly associated with vampires.

Morbius, in addition to being an opponent of the Arrampicamuri, he was also a member of the group and of the Sons of Midnight, where, along with the likes of Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange, he fought alongside a hero on which Watts seems to have put the eyes: Blade!

The Day, brought to the cinema in a trilogy of action movie, with the face of Wesley Snipes, is back in the Marvel stable Studios when, in 2013 were recognised rights. Although the actor has revealed to be interested in resuming the role, you might think that at this point, you may make it appear to surrender the scepter of the vampire hunter to his daughter Fellon Grey.

Talking with We Got This Covered, Watts was let go to some of the comments. On the question of Morbius/Blade and their possible input in the following Spider-man said:

“The tone of the character is rather dark, but the idea of combining vampires and the Marvel Universe is really fantastic. Maybe we could even bring up the Blade, no? It would be perfect!”

But Watts does not forget the other characters that would make good villains for the new Spider-Man. For example, for the Chameleon, a villain not metaumano that can replicate to perfection the appearance and facial expressions of anyone, the director questions whether or not his skills are deserving of screen time

“Yes, the Chameleon is strong. I wonder, this skill is still valid currently? In short, we should find a way to make it something more than only this. But the Chameleon remains great, and is also one of the bad guys in the first period. Mainly, I focus on the villains in particular as a joke since there are already several types strange. As the Big Wheel ...well, let's say that I have done the search wrong on who should be the villain in the next film. Type Swarm...”

In fact, on the screen appeared different characters that have much in common with the Chameleon, then the desire to offer something new on the part of Watts is understandable; however, the Chameleon is the only enemy of Spider-man to be the half-brother of a certain Kraven the Hunter. Of course it would be really amazing if the next Spider-man movie could be inspired by the famous story of DeMatteis and Zeck, The last hunt of Kraven!

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