Spider-Man J. J. Abrams: preview of the 3rd issue!


Published on Dec 16, 2019


Spider-Man, the new mini-series published by Marvel Comics and is dedicated to the arrampicamuri, debuted recently here in Italy, where Panini Comics in conjunction with the United States, has already made available the first and the second chapter of the story.

The miniseries will be made in toto by five chapters, but after the publication of the first and second number, which took place respectively in September and October, Marvel has decided to postpone the release date of the third number, which will be available in the States only starting from the next week. For the occasion, we had a little preview of the first pages drawn from Italian pride: Sara Pichelli, of which, however, we advise you to read only to those who have read the first two issues!

In the previous chapters, we learned that Peter Parker is no longer Spider-Man for a long time, due to a death match where Mary Jane has lost her life, with a mysterious, terrifying enemy. After several years his son, Ben Parker, has discovered that she has the same powers as the father, and the latter has decided to wear the shoes of Spider-Man to save the lives together with the friend Ito Faye, but apparently the thing is not going at all well for Peter Parker.

Peter will try to speak with her son, a scared boy that has discovered the very powers. His father would only protect it, but as with any other teenager, the discussion between the two will not go well, and suddenly something or someone has blown up the room, Benny. Will was Dead? We'll find out after reading the comic!

Spider-Man is a miniseries written by J. J. Abrams and his son Henry Abrams. The comic is illustrated by Sara Pichelli (Fantastic Four, Ultimate Spider-Man), while the covers are made by Oliver Coipel.

Spider-Man #3 will be available in the States from 18 December 2019, in Italy, the third issue of the series will be published on January 30, 2020!


Spider-Man J. J. Abrams: preview of the 3rd issue! is




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