Spider-man: Homecoming – Where did I put the scenes seen in the trailer?

Published on Jul 13, 2017

Spider-man: Homecoming seems to not show some of the scenes seen in the trailer, but Jon Watts explains their absence

One of the threats most feared by fans of cinema is the infamous spoiler that revelation, dear, that'll ruin the vision annunciandoti events and twists that give meaning to the film. If, then, this is the end, the damage is catastrophic.

In recent times has also added to the problem of the trailers that often reveal important scenes of the film, but fortunately this problem is not shown with Spider-man: Homecoming, thanks to a clever use of scenes used for the promotion of the film by Jon Watts dedicated to the Tessiragnatele.

During the promotional campaign for Spider-man: the Homecoming, the cast and staff have been very careful not to disclose anything to the prospective audience, maintaining a high level of curiosity.

In a recent interview with ScreenCrush, Jon Watts has explained why they have not inserted in the final version of the scene in the trailer where the Vulture (Michael Keaton) plana inside the lobby of a hotel

“The lobby of the hotel was originally shot for the Comic-con, almost an anticipation before girassimo all; we had about two weeks of shooting. It had never been foreseen in the final version of the film. However, the shot I liked, so I used that angle to portray the Vulture at the beginning of the film; the fly over of the bearded Vulture, glide towards the camera in that way. I used that shot, not in a hotel room in Atlanta. And also the shot of Iron Man and Spider-man together in Queens, that was never intended in the film.”

The explanation of the scene of the atrium in the hotel is understandable, as is the habit of studios to create promotional materials appropriate to advertise the film.

On to the scene in Queens with the Tessiragnatele and Metal Head:

“I guess the first thing that they wanted in the first trailer was a shot of Spider-Man and Iron Man flying together. And they were ready to use something from the scene of the Staten Island Ferry, but did not seem so exciting, especially the background, because the terminal of Staten Island is a building rather simple. It almost seems like an object is not rendered in 3D. More or less I said, ‘put them in Queens. Use it as a backdrop’. We could not do a new shot special, and then we used one of those shots of the subway.It seems strange to me that in the trailer there is a scene that appears later in the film, but it was a good shooting. It's fun, but I had almost forgot that we had turned!”

It is obvious that the studios wanted a scene where the two heroes of Marvel volassero together for Spider-Man: Homecoming, especially for marketing reasons, even if some fans might be annoyed by this exclusion.

Furthermore, it would be a mistake not to include Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) in the film, saw that today there are no blockbuster Marvel without his appearance in the film, but considering that was presented another scene like that, you can gloss over this omission.

These cuts to Spider-man: Homecoming can foster the long-standing controversy on what to put in the trailer without overdoing it in to anticipate, risking to deprive the spectators of the joy of discovery, of surprise.

At the time of the Suicide Squad, many fans were imbufaliti to the exclusion of scenes starring the Joker in Jared Leto (and also the actor did not take it too well); you could also mention the exclusion from X-Men: Days of future past of the scenes featuring Rogue (Anna Paquin) then included in the Rogue Cut for the home video market.

Despite some of the film inglobino always more scenes in the trailers, it is also foreseeable that some shots of se do not appear to be within the definitive versions of the films. Let us not forget that in recent years the directors must also comply with certain directives of the marketing!

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