Spider-Man Collection Vol. 20 – Walking with Venom | Review


Published on Nov 20, 2019


This volume of Spider-Man Collection offers two sequences that are signed by David Michelinie, author that in the early nineties he had the merit to renew the monthly Arrampicamuri, by inserting various new features.

David was an author versatile, capable of creating stories from the gloomy and dramatic, but also other characterized by atmospheres narrative ironic and solar. In the specific case of the Amazing Spider-Man opted for a middle way.

From one side, in fact, proposed a character intimidating and creepy as Venom, perhaps his most famous creation, on the other, made Peter Parker more and more light and fun, with the wonderful and optimistic Mary Jane at his side. The writer did not neglect the historical cast of Spider-Man and turned then attention towards Aunt May, Flash Thompson, Jameson, and Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat. In practice, the Amazing Spider-Man was a successful mix of classicism and innovation, with a perfect attitude for the nineties.

Then, when the drawings came to Todd McFarlane's comic-book reached sales levels never seen before. At a certain point, however, Todd decided to leave the series. Now, however, his style was essential and the Marvel replaced him with Erik Larsen, who had well in mind the lesson of Todd and drew Spider-Man in the same way twisted, with the lenses of the mask are enormous. The other characters, starting with Mary Jane, had the same look cartoonish, designed by McFarlane. In reality, however, Eric went further, and emphasised these elements.

Some fans like his obvious exaggerations, others less, but Larsen, however, he never ceased to express his artistic personality, and offering tables of great visual impact that made justice to the script Michelinie. This volume includes the nn. 330/333 and 340/343 of Amazing Spider-Man, which is perhaps the story-line's most popular duo. In the first, Peter has to do with the Punisher that Larsen presents as a man with a face carved, reminiscent in part of what Whilce Portacio. The two heroes must face a group of drug traffickers, but this is only the pretext, which serves to Michelinie to give way to a saga that sees the return of Venom and psychopath, Jonathan Caesar, a man who has a worrying obsession towards Mary Jane.

An important role plays the sexy and amoral Black Cat, presented here as a kind of delicious Betty Boop costume, that will give a hard time to the poor Peter, involving the unsuspecting Flash Thompson. In the second sequence, however, Michelinie has the Femme Fatales, a group of criminal women, typical of the nineties, and the classic villain of the likes of Tarantula, Scorpion and the Chameleon. The author focuses on the supereroismo and on the soap opera, just like in the classic period of Amazing. It is, therefore, of a comic entertainment enough, but not devoid of quality.

The no. 343 moreover, it is to be reported for the onset of Cardiac, one of the many anti-heroes, violent and ruthless that went out of fashion at the House of Ideas in that moment. Overall, this volume is to keep an eye on, both for the texts and the dialogues ironic Michelinie, both for the drawings, the adrenaline of Erik Larsen. For you to try.

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