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Published on Aug 19, 2019


In the eighties, Jim Shooter, at the time editor-in-chief of Marvel, did much to modernize the various monthly House of Ideas, giving space to authors often innovative. He had a penchant for the noir atmosphere, and granted wide creative freedom with the extraordinary Frank Miller made Daredevil a comic book to an adult and hard-boiled. The situation of Spider-Man was more complex. It was one of the heroes of the tip of the Marvel, and in the past were not missed harrowing stories, and in strong colors like that of the death of Gwen Stacy.

But it was also clear that Peter Parker was involved in the events from the tone of the more light-hearted and solar. Since in that period the Arrampicamuri was the main character of the three magazines, the Shooter decided to differentiate. Amazing Spider-Man would be characterized by an aptitude for classical, thanks to the authors of the calibre of Roger Stern and Tom De Falco; Web of Spider-Man was always to be classical but open to any experiments.
Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man, however, would depart from the typical Marvel style. In this case, the Tessiragnatele would not have had to do with the usual super-villains, but with more enemies realistic that is, drug dealers, street thugs, and psychopaths. In this context, Spider-Man wore the black suit, more suited to the rawness of the events. The idea was intriguing and the audience accepted it with pleasure, but no one would have suspected that the stories written by Peter David, for this series would have been considered real milestones of american comics.

David was about to deal with the Incredible Hulk and so far as Peter Parker was signed to the adventures that shocked the readers. In particular nn. 107/110 of the monthly entered in the legend as make up the so-called Saga of the Mangiapeccati that Panini Comics offers in this volume.

At least in principle, nothing seems to have changed. Peter Parker acts like the Spider-Man, he collaborates with the Daily Bugle and has a history with the beautiful Mary Jane. But the narrative context is different. Peter David introduces us to a New York dirty, oppressive, borrowed from a detective series, or a noir novel. And the influence of the detective genre are considerable. Someone begins to carry out brutal murders and this is not a supervillain tacky as the ones that you typically see in the books of Marvel. No, he is the Mangiapeccati, a serial killer who kills all those who, according to his perspective skewed and distorted, they are, in fact, sinners.

Spider-Man is, despite himself, is forced to investigate, and remains implicated in a universe of existential fact of corrupt cops, psychopathic, priests who hide horrible secrets. David will even die as an important figure in the series, and will the relationship of friendship that binds Spider-Man and Devil, guest-star, no. 110. Texts and dialogues are intense and punchy, with beats the past history, beginning with the withering of the ‘crazy without God’. In short, in the hands of Peter David's comic-book becomes an adult and certainly not aimed at an audience of kids who are lovers of fisticuffs between the good and the bad.

The artwork is by Rich Buckler, who has never been a virtuoso of the pencil, but which, here, proves to be functional and do a job acceptable. The impact of the Saga of the Mangiapeccati was huge, and then David conceived of a sequel, published in nn. 134/136 Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man, also present in the volume, came out in the era of De Falco. The threat of Mangiapeccati seems to have been thwarted, but it is not so. David sets on the wrong track the player because at the beginning gives the impression of wanting to focus on classic battles with super-villains, and the presence of Electro, the well-known nemesis of the spider, would seem to confirm it. But it is only the pretext, which serves to bring the protagonist in narrative environments are disruptive and disturbing.

The Mangiapeccati, in fact, does not intend to give up his chilling ‘mission’ and the consequences will be terrible. Also in this case, David writes the lyrics and dialogues are sublime and relies on the talent of the great Sal Buscema, historical name of the Marvel, that you self inking alone, and features a style that is essential and rarefied, really impressive. I conclude, then, by recommending the reading of this volume, which has the merit to propose a jewel of Marvel. Not to be missed.

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