Special chapter to My Love Story!!


Published on Aug 10, 2018


The official web site of the magazine Bessatsu Margaret (Betsuma) is announcing that the shojo manga series My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari!!) of before being born Kawahara (texts) and Aruko (drawings) will have a special chapter that will be published on the number 10 of the magazine published by Shueisha on sale from 13 September 2018.

Will consist of 60 pages, colour plates included, and will tell a new story of Takeo, Yamato and Sunakawa.

My Love Story!! it was serialized on Bessatsu Margaret from 13 December 2011 to 13 July 2016; the chapters of the work have been collected in 13 volumes.

In Italy is in progress for Edizioni Star Comics:

Takeo Goda is attending the first year of high school and is convinced of not being able to pleasure the girls because of his stature (two metres to one hundred and twenty pounds). Every time that he falls in love, all end up to be interested to the beautiful Sunakawa, his childhood friend. However, someone thinks different...

The life of the gentile as clumsy Takeo knows a turning-point in the morning in which to save a girl from a maniac while going to school... That spring is coming, even for him?!

Special chapter to My Love Story!! is




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